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How do I overcome this confusion?

From Michael ~

Hello, If you guys don’t mind I’d like to request some advice. I’m on the fence about religion at the moment.

I used to be a Christian, as I was raised in a predominantly Christian household. My Mom and Grandma brought me to Mass every Sunday, and I spent my time in primary school in a Christian school. However, I’m starting to question things, and I’m confused because of it.

For example, I sometimes ask myself questions like,
"If there is a God, why has he allowed so many people to suffer over the thousands of years of our existence. If he loves us, why does he let us suffer?"

I’ve also asked myself the question of,
"If there was nothing before God created us then how did he exist? Does God have his own God?"

He couldn’t have just existed without any kind of explanation right?

I think the most important question however is:
"How do I overcome this confusion?"
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.