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The Cross Makes Double Crossers

By Carl S ~

Billions have been told “Judas Iscariot” was the ultimate betrayer. Consider “his” side of things. “He” served a man who was a blasphemer. According to his Jewish faith, blasphemers must be executed. Judas made the right decision. Billions have been told Jesus said “it would have been better if he had not been born.” (an abortion option?) The Vatican didn't take Jesus at his word when it said not to be so hard on Judas, because, without playing his part in “god's plan,” there wouldn't be any “redemption!”

Judas is a distraction when it comes to betrayers. Christianity has been betraying innocent children and their trusting parents by the millions. This goes with their authority. Lying and betraying are the God-given rights bestowed on God's clergy. Each pastor who commits adultery and/or embezzles church funds betrays his wife, family, and congregation. Every religious institution abusing children entrusted to it betrays the trust and the children. Native Americans, both north and south, were double-crossed by Christians. (Are their children currently being raped by clergy in Christian Indian mission schools?) Churchgoers are betrayed by being kept ignorant about their scriptures. (I suspect church members don't take dogmas any more seriously than their pastors. My wife's pastor preached on clergy abuse and read the text of Jesus saying, “If anyone harms these children who believe in me, he should have a stone tied about his neck, and he should be thrown in the river.” Just imagine clergy tossing their comrades in the rivers! You'd expect it from the Mafia. Clergy aren't taking J.C. seriously.)

If you set up a GoFundMe campaign to feed the starving, home the homeless, relieve suffering, and you use that money to pay off victims of pedophiles you've supported, wouldn't you be in deep trouble with the law? Christian values institutions are legally getting away with it. Are you practicing Christian values if, knowing this, you continue to support them? Many clerics who preach an eternal combat between their god and devils, are the devils. Clergy have already invented and used every version of hell they could imagine to torture, here on earth. Pope Francis spoke against “rampant secularism” in Europe. Go hide in your citadel, Francis. Your Vatican is a gold plated toilet, and it's full of over a thousand years of it. The cleanup has barely begun. Without secular authorities and laws, your pedophiles would never be revealed, there'd be no justice for the victims, and there’ll be more victims.

Believers should have no problem accepting abortion [...] since they believe every soul is eternal and is set free when its body dies.  Why don't Christian men who say, “Vote for me, I'm for the “sanctity of life” have no problem sending men and women off to wars they create, and killing thousands of innocent civilians in those wars? They play on a maudlin preoccupation with the “unborn,” while they turn ice-cold to women’s' sufferings! God tells them: Women should shut their mouths, spread their legs, obey, and raise children. But all believers should have no problem accepting abortion, no problem at all. Since they believe every soul is eternal and is set free when its body dies, what possible harm could abortion do by freeing it before birth? Both Islam and Christianity praise martyrs, “those who destroy their bodies to free their souls.” The “sanctity of life?” Oh please. Men create nuclear weapons capable of annihilating millions, and a male god to create a hell to waste more lives in. Doctor Strangelove would applaud such “pro-lifers.”

Christianity is male domination. It excuses a male god's failure to end suffering and tragedies, to his “mysterious ways.” This god makes sense to those who haven't seriously thought about him. Their sources for beliefs come from mentally ill prophets and tanglelogic apologists. Tangled minds make tangled explanations; delusions make sense to the deluded. These are the kinds of people who believe the imaginations of their minds are revelations from spirit sources. Is religion a type of mental illness left over from some primitive gene, now useless? The original sin was the first betrayal of one human by another. Are you suffering as a result of Christianity's god-endorsed tradition of betrayals? Where do you see yourself on the Pain Scale that goes from smiley face to wincing face?