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Jesus, The Anti-Family Christ


In the make-believe world of christianity, Jesus is lauded as the greatest teacher, the wisest man that has ever walked the earth. Even more, a man without fault and worthy to be our "Lord and Savior", every knee will bow......yada, yada, yada. Christianity boasts that in this imaginary god's mind the family is the vital foundation of human life. The old testament consistently reveals, however, that god cares nothing about the family.

It appears that even in the divine family the apple does not fall far from the tree. Jesus, the "son of god" is not all that family friendly himself. He might as well have been the Jim Jones of the new testament, no different than any other cult leader. There is sufficient evidence in the gospels to make this assertion.

1. Where in the gospels, particularly in the sermon on the mount, does Jesus say anything about the importance of the family? Forgiving your "brother", loving your "enemies", is a general moral statement. It says nothing about family.

It's pretty clear to me that Jesus was nothing more than a narcissistic cult leader2. Jesus went to Peter's mother-in-law's house, implying Peter had a wife. So where is she? Is it also possible that Peter had children? Where are they? Did Peter, then, fish for himself, or to provide for his family? Apparently, Jesus didn't care. "Just drop everything you're doing and follow me. " And Peter did just that. Is that realistic? Interestingly, Paul said, "If a man does not provide for his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel." I see a serious contradiction, and telling evidence that Paul's jesus was not the jesus of the gospels.

3. Jesus was explicit. "Everyone who has left house, or brothers or sisters ....or wife or children for my sake will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life." In spite of what believers will say, it was NOT metaphor or hyperbole. Jesus meant it literally. The disciples took it literally. "We have left everything and followed you."

It's pretty clear to me that Jesus was nothing more than a narcissistic cult leader bent on separating families. If it was anyone else, Christians would call that person a cult leader. Don't let them get away with special pleading for Jesus.