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Dechristianized & Unchurched

From Mark ~

Hi Guys,

Thought I'd just give a little update since my last post. It's been over six years that I called it Quits. To be exact, 29 Aug 2012.

Life has not been exactly rosy as I had expected back then, just because there was stuff to be worked out. But having said that, I felt I was more in control of my life although the road was dark and slippery at times. I felt I was more free and liberated to follow my own path, my own heart and gut, which while it might not to be everyone's liking, is actually what prayer and faith is all about.

I still keep in touch with some friends from church as we are still friends, but sometimes I feel sick in the stomach when they start talking about how you must have more faith, pray more, fast more, tithe more, give more.

Anyway, long story short, its been the best and most exhilarating six years I ever had. I am free.

Thank You !!