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By ex-Pastor Dan ~

I originally wrote this rant back in November, 2017, after the horrible massacre took place in a Texas Church (

I was unable to post it here at Ex-Christian.Net at that time due to technical difficulties, so I sent it to a few of my Atheist friends. Now that I am able to access Ex-Christian.Net once again, and since there has recently been a big shake-up at that church, involving the use (or misuse) of donated funds (, I have decided to post it now.

November 7th, 2017 - responding to the lunacy that I just read in the local paper!

This week's latest horror is a double edged tragedy. Not only have we seen another, senseless, mass shooting, but many of the victims were innocent, little children. And, where this insanity took place should give any thinking person pause. It happened in a place where the putative ruler of the Universe is worshipped, adored, venerated, exalted, and trusted as the ALL SEEING, ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL, EVER PRESENT, ALL LOVING Father & Protector of His children.

What happened? Did God turn on his own? Was he punishing his flock for their sinful ways? But, what sin can an 18 months old toddler be guilty of? Even more puzzling (nothing more precious in God's sight) an unborn fetus still in its dead mother's womb? Over half of those slaughtered were not even to the "age of accountability" (a churchy term meaning old enough to understand that you are a sinner!)

Rhetorical, silly, heartless questions some may counter. But, I am not trying to be hurtful or argumentative. I had these same questions while still firmly ensconced in the church, as a lover and worshipper of this mysterious, fickle Lord of the heavenly kingdom - lover and supposed protector of His flock.

Where was God when His people really, really needed Him?
WHY, WHY, WHY LORD??? What could possibly be your reason for ALLOWING this to happen to those you are supposed to be protecting from the wiles of the Devil? Protecting your children from the sinful, heathen, violent purveyors of wickedness and harm, that is what your Word (the Bible) says is a major part of your promise to those who will only say that they believe you exist and endeavor to follow your commands. So, WTF God??!!!

The good citizen who encountered the shooter and shot him, presumably scaring him away from the scene, said that he "thanked God" for helping him play a part in stopping the shooter. Hmmm? God just allowed the shooter to kill 26 of his faithful (and wound 20 more), while they were in active worship of Him, in His "Sanctuary" of peace! Yet, just seconds later (I guess God woke up from a nap) he gives an outsider the strength to overcome great fear and aim a gun at a killer and pull the trigger.  Does anyone else see the irony in this? The Almighty was not present in the dedicated "House of God" to smite the enemy (or even make his gun jam), but He decided that His help in that moment would go to the elder, Texan gun-toter.

It just never ceases to amaze me. Vigils were held last night, and prayers were offered for the comfort of those left in the wake of this murderous nightmare. Prayers were offered!!! ??? WTF??

Where was God when His people really, really needed Him? Where was God when hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of children were being heinously abused by Catholic Priests? Where is God right now, when every 15 seconds a child dies of malnutrition or disease?

Where is God???????  I'll tell you where God is...

GOD DOES NOT EXIST!   This is the ONLY logical conclusion that any sane mind can deduce. Because, if God does exist, the answers to my questions above are too mind-boggling to even contemplate.