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Christianity can exist only in a world where it is false

By Michael Runyan ~

If you were to travel to some parallel universe where Christianity is true, this is what you would find:

  • The Bible contains a lot of scientific facts and explanations that were unknown at the time it was written, but were later confirmed by scientific discovery.
  • Science would have confirmed that the universe and life was created and did not evolve over time.
  • The Gospel books are in agreement on all details of Jesus’s life and ministry.
  • There are numerous accounts of Jesus written by contemporary historians that confirm his existence, miracles, and message.
  • In addition to the gospel books, there are a good number of eyewitness accounts of Jesus’s miracles.
  • Jesus, himself, wrote a creed that was passed on and preserved, and this creed is consistent with the gospel books.
  • The Jewish people, en masse, became followers of Jesus, that is, there is no separation between Judaism and Christianity.
  • Original documents of Jesus’s history were preserved and available for examination, such that editing mistakes and forgeries do not exist.
  • There is scientific evidence for demons, and a field of study exists for how to deal with them.
  • Scientific studies prove that prayer (Christian-based only) is an effective healing technique, even for paralysis and dementia, and all hospitals have faith healing wings.
  • All other religions have withered away, leaving Christianity as the only effectively viable faith.
  • There are no denominations of Christianity, it is one unified church to which all Christians belong.

This is a short list of what you would see, but what should be obvious is that in a world such as this where Christianity is true, there would be no reasonable means for anyone to deny its truth, meaning there would be no apostasy, save for the mentally-challenged. But in that situation, there is no need for faith and no separation of the wheat from the chaff- therefore the whole concept of reward in heaven and punishment in hell falls apart. So Christianity cannot exist in a world where it is true- it can only exist in a world where it is false, such as it does in our world.