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Criticism Double-Standards

By MTC ~

I think we can all agree that double-standards tend to be stupid and unfair, especially in today's politically correct world. It is acceptable to criticize one group, ideology, etc., but criticize another and you're labeled an intolerant bigot.

Big example: people aren't afraid to bash Christianity (who on here hasn't done just that? LOL), Judaism, or atheism, but bash Islam and here come the insults; bigot, racist (even though Islam isn't a race, hello!), hick, etc. What is with the hypocritical double-standard? Speaking of which, many people have nicknamed Facebook "Fascistbook" because the admins will discipline you in a heartbeat (often a temporary block from posting) if you share anything that insults Islam and Muslims, even if it is totally accurate or merely meant as a joke. But FB pages like "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" are perfectly acceptable. What is the deal with that, hmm?...

In New York City and elsewhere, nobody complained about numerous anti-Semitic ads. But people did complain about anti-jihad ads! Pamela Geller had to sue in order for those ads to be allowed, and thankfully she won. Pamela Geller is a very intelligent and courageous woman and patriot, not afraid to speak about issues that must be addressed. In fact, she has a new book coming out soon titled "Fatwa: Hunted in America (you can pre-order the book on Amazon if you want; in fact it would be greatly appreciated by Pamela and her supporters)." Pamela has received death threats for what she does, even though she speaks the truth. Numerous others also receive death threats, and some have paid the ultimate price, for giving Islam the criticism it deserves and speaking out on other similar issues. Such individuals include Nonie Darwish, Dr. Wafa Sultan, Dr. Ali Sina, IQ Al-Rassooli, all of whom are ex-Muslims and grew up in Muslim countries, therefore they know what they're talking about.

If Islam is a "religion of peace," why do critics (and cartoonists who express free speech) receive death threats? If Islam is a "religion of peace," why do critics (and cartoonists who express free speech) receive death threats? Why are Muslim men allowed to date and marry non-Muslim women, but Muslim women prohibited from dating and marrying non-Muslim men? Apparently it's because the kids must follow their father's religion. But why would it matter who a Muslim woman fell in love with and/or which faith her kids followed, if Islam truly was the "religion of peace" that it claims to be? Anyone see where I'm coming from on that one?

Christianity has its fundamental nutcases, I won't deny that. But Muslim extremists have taken fundamental religion to a whole new level, and Islamic extremism is the biggest danger today. Plus like I mentioned earlier, folks aren't afraid to give Christianity its due criticism. But censure Islam, and you're a horrible person!

Truth really is the new hate speech, and freedom of speech is under attack. I served in the US Army for 3 years (2009-2012), so I defended our right to free speech. I refuse to let the sacrifices of myself, my fellow veterans, those who are currently serving, and those whose lives were given (including my own 2nd cousin whom was KIA in Vietnam) be in vain.