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Christianity is a joke

By Don Meck ~

I am 61 years old, and many at my age are starting to face the fact that they haven’t much more time left and start reaching out to god and wanting to suddenly become Christians. I will never understand this notion.

I was raised by fundamentalists, who were also politically conservative. I was baptized into the religion as a baby and was forced to attend church services, Sunday school, camp ground meetings and vacation bible school. Still, even at a very young age, I realized that the whole concept of religion, especially Christianity was a joke. Nevertheless, it made no difference, I was forced to attend these events. Even though I realized it was all lies, it was only over the last 20 years or so, that I have finally been able to fully denounce it all. The same can be said about the political conservatism. That too took me time to fully reject and now find myself a radical progressive and being true to myself. I actively support the Freedom From Religion Foundation and yes, even the Satanic Temple. I am not a Satanist, but what they are doing to fight the Christian religion is nothing short of commendable.

In rejecting both religious and political beliefs of my parents and family, it divided us. I divorced myself from my family and although my parents are dead, I still refuse to visit their graves for any reason. While it may be incomprehensible for some to understand, I felt like I was abused as a child. Thus, I wanted nothing to do with my parents and other family members. I could not stand holidays, especially religious holidays knowing that they would be religious-centric. I have even made valiant efforts to denounce my baptism and was able to get my name removed from the church as a member. Many will say just denouncing it all would suffice. While that may be true, psychology knowing that those items have been eradicated helps immensely.

I do not think any child should be forced to decide between family relationships and the belief in a fairy tale. No child should be forced to believe in either religious or political ideology that is based on lies.