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Not the Creation of an Intelligent Designer

By MTC ~

This post has some inspiration by this article from the Faithless Feminist.

As mentioned, menstruation is not the work of a so-called "intelligent designer." Besides being able to have kids, periods serve no use whatsoever. Not to mention they get in the way of things. If "God" is so all-knowing as well as understanding and caring, he would've come up with a much more convenient and simple way for women to be able to have kids.

The article also mentions that breast size doesn't matter when it comes to lactation. Which reminds me, why are humans the only creatures where the female always has bigger breasts even if she's not pregnant or nursing? According to Biblical Gender roles, "God" also intended for a woman's chest to bring comfort and pleasure to a man. He wired men to be attracted to women's breasts, and curvy hips as well. So in other words, women were intentionally created to be sex objects. To heck with that! Just like periods, breasts and curves are also inconvenient and get in the way of things. If "God" is so wise, caring, and understanding, why couldn't he come up with a way for females to feed babies in a way that is not intrusive on our own bodies (no offense intended toward women who have breastfed or are currently doing so)? Or an overall more convenient and simple way to feed babies. Think about it, if a woman dies during childbirth and there isn't a lactating woman around, how will the baby get nourishment? Or what if she has HIV or some other disease, and breastfeeding would ultimately endanger the health and life of the baby? Again, no offense intended toward anybody.

Biblical Gender Roles also says that "God" purposely created women to be physically weaker than men so that they would be in need of man's protection. That means he wanted women to be weak and helpless. Screw that too! The average physical strength difference between men and women is not the work of an intelligent designer either. For one thing, it puts women at a huge disadvantage for many things. There's no doubt in my mind that it's the main reason why women have been discriminated against and thought of as inferior throughout history. What if a woman is in a situation where more brawn would be helpful, but alas there's not a man around to help her out? If a husband dies while protecting his wife (i.e. putting women and children in lifeboats first on the Titanic) then how will she be protected as well as provided for? Not meaning to sound like a man-hater, but if men are to protect and take care of women then why do we even need to be protected in the first place? I hope that makes sense. LOL

Like I said, I'm not a man-hater despite some of my venting. Which reminds me, the way "God" supposedly designed us can also be a disadvantage toward males. For example, there is plenty of awareness about violence toward women. We're all too familiar with how some husbands and boyfriends batter and abuse the women they're supposed to love and care about. But we rarely hear about a man who's battered and abused by his wife or girlfriend. It does happen, it just isn't spoken about. If a male victim reports it he'll be scoffed and told to "be a man" and stand up for himself. Unfortunately, if he were to do just that and fight back against the female perpetrator then he would be the one labeled an a-hole.