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Free. And Damned Glad of It

By Carl S ~

I'm damned happy to be free, answerable to no gods, free of concerns about pleasing or not pleasing them. I don't need gods to tell me to treat others as I would be treated; by nature, I do that already. I reject the “charity” that makes others feel obligated, especially the obligation to pray before receiving it. At the same time, I reject the commands of a God that I should treat any humans as of less value than me. And I despise the shame-and-blame game used by any god's employees to condemn the innocent “carnal desires” of humans.

I prefer to live in an uncaring Universe; it gives me freedom to care about the things calling for my concern and attention; not only enabling others to live, but to enjoying living. An uncaring world focuses me on the enjoyment of my own limited time of life. I prefer temporal and unexpected changes to a fabricated future of eternal stagnation. I am free to challenge, to go where believers fear to tread, to find no reasons to fear what they fear. I applaud the continual evidence of science, which is the method we use to destroy our irrational fears. I prefer discovering without fear or trepidation, and passing on my discoveries to others, to that of propagating stale, stalled, primitive beliefs. I want everyone to know ignorance is not bliss.

I prefer evidence to taking the words of others without evidence as true. I have evidence that the Universe is not only stranger than imagined, but stranger than I ever could imagine. I am happy to know that evidence doesn't lie to us, is accessible, and is more fantastic than any mythologies. I prefer to know the Universe is not only uncaring, but pointless, constantly in disruption and also order, and that's just the way it is. I enjoy knowing stars are born, explode, and die, for example. It's fun to observe. And I know that my interpretations of “why” this Universe exists is just as “sacred” as anybody's.

I am free, not taking anyone's mythologies or beliefs seriously; free to mock them, free to point out their absurdities, free to laugh at them. These are some of the reasons why I enjoy reading the liberating, “After Tiberius,” by Nick Tosches. It's a great ipecac for religious brainwashing. It is blasphemous, humorous, and perceptive about our trusting human nature. If you desire freedom, I heartily recommend it.

I'm free to reject anyone's word for things no one knows anything about, such as “what happens after death.” I am free of pretending to believe, of pretending to care when I couldn't care less. My caring for others is genuine, as well as my rejection of their b.s. People need to comfortably trust a man who is honest about his feelings.

I refuse to be enchained by fears of the evil or good, invisible, completely unprovable creatures of imaginations constructed by men through the centuries. Like the army of the queen in “Alice's adventures in Wonderland,” they are “nothing but a deck of cards” to be splayed about. They may be hauled out to control me, but at risk to their utter destruction.

Living without the dogma of human sinful nature, born in sin, I can concentrate on realitiesLiving without the dogma of human sinful nature, born in sin, I can concentrate on realities: There are many thousands of good people for every single evildoer. There always have been. Where it was common to see people stand and watch the scene of an accident, citizens are rushing to help the victims. Most people learn, and are wiser today than yesterday. “Unsolvable” problems are being solved. We have hope in knowing people do change their minds and attitudes from negative to positive, and enough examples encouraging us to continue changing minds for their betterment and ours. Thus, we can never give up.

I'm free! of the specialized mind-drugs and placebos religions peddle for their promised “spirituality” or “godly relationship,” or of searching for the “real you” their god wants you to be. I really have no desire to be conned. Without religion, I need no phantasmagorical or miasma-spouting theologians and apologists to “explain” what my “faith” means. I'm free from joining typical Christians incapable of explaining what the hell they believe in any coherent way at all. I don't have to deal with that crappy tripping-over one's-own-mind tradition.

I don't anticipate or fear a “second coming,” knowing there was never a “first coming.” This mortal life is sufficient, though there will never be enough time in it to read all the books and listen to all the music I've acquired. And despite the “mysteries” expounded by religions, the real human mystery is that our lives end without meaning. That reality I can live with. I'm free.