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I Have Prescience... What if?

By Private One ~

Imagine for a moment that I have the "gift" of foresight. I always know exactly what's going to happen, in intricate detail, long before it happens. I am 100% right 100% of the time. There's never a sliver of a chance I could ever be even slightly wrong. It. Is. impossible.

Now then, I know for certain that if I send you into a certain room with 100 boxes in it, 99 containing 10 pounds of diamonds and 1 containing a Taipan, the worlds deadliest snake (a bite results in almost instant death), you'll soon open the box with the Taipan, be bitten by it and die a horrifying death within 60 seconds.

Furthermore, I know for certain that WHEN you open that box, are bitten and die, every single person at PVBC will be simultaneously stricken with acute eBola and die within 24 hours. There is absolutely NOTHING they will be able to do to heal themselves. NOTHING.

Therefore, I tell you exactly which box has the Taipan inside it (I placed it in the middle of the room before I met with you) and warn you very plainly of the results of opening that box. I command you to abstain from it. But I already know 100% sure that not long after you enter the room you'll see a little pink chipmunk sitting by the box with the Taipan in it. I put the chipmunk in there. I even taught him how to talk. The chipmunk will then lie to you about my warning. He will convince you that I'm keeping you from something wonderful. He'll tell you that if you open the box and pick up the Taipan you will indeed be bitten but instead of dying you'll be transformed into Superman and everyone at PVBC will each get a direct deposit into their bank accounts of 5 billion dollars. I know, 100% for sure that you will believe the chipmunk, disregard my words and go for the Taipan.

I know all this for certain before you go in, before I tell you, before I even put the boxes in the room, before the room is finished, before the house is built, before the land is cleared for building, that you'll enter the room, toss my warning, believe the chipmunk and then be bitten and die, subsequently dooming everyone in the Church to suffer wretched deaths over the following day.

No doubt. No question. No possibility of another outcome. I foreknow your actions and the resulting catastrophe. There is no way it's not happening.

To top it off, I pre-orchestrate a scenario in which there is a potential cure for everyone at the church. Simple: they must apologize to me for getting sick with eBola, acknowledge that it is their fault, repent of the disease and ask me for healing. If they do, I'll administer the only possible cure that I alone posses. I have it long before you go in the room. I prepared it before the foundation of the building because I knew what you'd do what what it would inflict on the folk of the church.

I also foreknow that precisely 87 out of 232 people will tell me to buzz off and reject my cure for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is believing me to be a sadistic, deranged, immoral, violent, hateful, cruel, evil beast with a sick and twisted plan and a badly warped sense of "love". 87 of 232 will end up dying gruesome, dreadful deaths, slowly over 24 hours, while I stand by, withholding the cure.

So, knowing all this will undoubtedly transpire, I go ahead send you into the room.

I'm the best friend you've ever had.

I'll never let you down.

I'm your everything and I deserve your everything.

I am just, holy, pure, perfect, fair and right. Don't dare question my wisdom, judgement, mercy and grace.

I am not the author of confusion.

Love me. Worship me. Adore me. Praise and thank me for my kindness, mercy and grace.

Am I not worthy?