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Dear Ex-Christian

By Bullwinkle ~

I'm going to check this out. Your site disclaimer encourages people to have an open we'll see.

I am a Christian, 25yrs now. Don't know if I would have ever started this journey if I had known what I would go through.....but I'm still here....Its heart wrenching to read some of the testimonials of people who have had terrible experiences because of deceivers, spiritual abusers, charlatans, and just plain crazy, weird interpretation of scripture, from people who should know better, but don't.

Yet I also find on this site some of the same behavior(just saying). Weird, crazy interpretation of scripture in some cases and explanations that twist my ignorant high school mind, lol. Come on people, keep it simple and please keep your ego out of it, open mind remember! Jesus: Is he real or not! Did he exist, or not.? Did he do the things the Bible records him doing, or not? Was he crucified or not? Did he come back from the dead, or not? These are the KEY issues. If these claims are NOT true, then live as you like, believe as you like and do as you like because if they are NOT true, our faith is for nothing. Just saying........