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How did you Break the Spell?

By Zeteothink ~

Having been raised by Baptist Missionary parents I was indoctrinated into fundamentalism since birth. Being African-American I was surrounded by a Theist community as well. Late in life it has taken me a few short years to reject the theology of my youth, and now I have abandoned my belief in the "Supernatural" entirely - "No Gods, Ghouls or Ghosts" for me!"

I consider religious books ( namely the Bible) as a volume of quasi-historical narratives and rituals, infused with metaphor, magic and plain ole' first century ignorance of science and the natural world! As someone who is non-superstitious you can rightly call me an Atheist.

This is my first time at this site and I feel a kinship to people who have been through a De-conversion. It is truly refreshing to hear so many stories of human triumph over indoctrination.

Enough about me...Everyone here has a story! This is a site truly devoted for people in various stages of disbelief. It is a safe zone to share our journey.

Feel free to share just one or more issues that led to your secular mentality. If you feel so inclined try and answer the following question.

Question: What is the first book you read that truly questioned the foundations of religion and why? ( for me, my first book was Bart Erhman's "Misquoting Jesus.")

Peace and Greater understanding!