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Why I left Christianity

By Meagan ~

Why I left Christianity

1. Hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy happens when we say one thing and do another. A Christian believes that he or she is following after a God of perfect love. He or she believes they have been forgiven and redeemed from a life of doing wrong. So, if you believe that you are following a God of love, why are you so hateful? Why do you post facebook memes about Muslims and how awful and dangerous they are and how they should be banned from our country? Um… I’m pretty sure that is a horrible thing to say about someone based on race and belief system. Christians believe they should have unlimited rights as citizens, but yet desire to deny those equal rights to those in the LGBT community. Christians believe they have the right to Freedom of Speech, but when another person exercises that same right in opposition to the Christian belief system, the Christian loses their mind and claims “persecution”. OMG Grow up all ready! You cannot say that you follow the God of freedom when you yourself deny the freedom of others. And not only are Christians lobbying to deny other people basic rights and freedoms, they also have a long ancient history of doing so in various horrible ways i.e. the dark ages, slavery, genocides, colonization etc. Christians came to this country 237 years ago for religious freedom and then turned and denied religious freedom to the indigenous people who already lived here. Christians, who are the decedents of immigrants, want to deny immigrants access to the very borders that allowed us the “rights” we so desperately hang on to. And then after all this, Christians get butt hurt about being laughed at and mocked by the people who are smarter than them. Hello…

2. Biblical inaccuracies, contradictions, and downright hate speech.

Christians, who claim to follow a God of perfect love, are following the book (supposedly God inspired) that is filled with sexism, Gay hate, mass genocide, rewards for rapists, patriarchy, murder and the list goes on and on and on. How is that a loving God? When your children misbehave, do you say that you are sorry you made them and then drown them in the bath tub? Because that is exactly what Christians say that God did with the flood. His children were misbehaving, and he was sorry he made them, so he decided to wipe them all out by drowning them. Um… I’m pretty sure if you did that to your kids, you would go to jail for the rest of your life, but if God did this, it’s love? Yeah ok… The Bible says God does not temp people, and it says God tempted Moses. The bible says God sent his son because he loved the world… The same world he decided to wipe out with a flood. The bible says that he “came to set the captives free” and then endorses slavery. Why would you follow something so blatantly contradictory? How is it even possible? Actually it isn’t possible. That is why we have so many churches who fight with eachother over biblical interpretations. It’s ridiculous. And again, you people do not understand why people laugh at you. Speaking of biblical interpretations. Lets talk about the “clobber passages” that seems to bash gay people. There are two that are the most popular. One is in Leviticus and is dealing with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Did you know that this passage is talking about men RAPING other men and is not talking about consensual acts? And yet you are using it to judge gay men? Um.. I’m pretty sure gay man does NOT equal rapist. I mean what the hell? And the other popular one in Corinthians actually translates to the word “unnatural”. Since when does unnatural mean homosexual? Again… what the hell?

3. Speaking of Hell, stop telling people they’re going to hell… Just… Stop ok?

4. Christians tell lies about other religions.

In my Christian experiences, I was told that Pagans were evil idolators who would lead me straight to hell. I was told Pagans were oppressive and worshipped Satan and/or demons. Um… I’m pretty sure they worship God/s and they understand him/her or them. How is that any weirder than what Christians worship? I don’t get that. I was taught that because Wiccans defined themselves as witches, it meant they were casting spells on people and using dark magic. What?! Wiccans worship the Female Goddess and the Horned God. They use nature to assist them in worship and in healthy living. They believe that nature is magical, thus the term, practicing magic. Christians, please stop lying to people about Wiccans and causing them to experience persecution. Christians are NOTORIOUS for propogating Muslim hate because of the behavior of some radical extremists who misrepresent the Muslim faith. This would be equal to saying that all Christians behave like Westboro Baptist. Please, stop it! When you do this, you sound like an ignorant bigot. Please, please stop.

5. Christians say that “perfect love casts out fear” and then use fear to convert people and maintain control over outward behavior that usually means nothing.

6. Sex is good. Sex is amazing! I like sex!

So, why all the Christian sex hate? If you believe you were created by God, why don’t you enjoy the penises, vaginas, breasts, and sexual brains that God is said to have given you? And why all the control over other people’s sex lives? Dude, what someone else does in the privacy of their bedroom (or the kitchen table or wherever) is none of your business. I mean seriously… What kind of perv sticks their nose in someone elses sexual business?

7. Control.

Stop controlling people. Stop telling adult humans what choices they should make for their lives. Stop inserting yourself into other people’s private business (see #6). If you know someone who is an adult, fully grown and functional human being, then don’t tell them what to do. Just don’t. I’m pretty sure I was taught in Kindergarten to mind my own business. This means that we have a religious system that is chalk full of people who haven’t progressed passed a four year old level of social skills. And then we are allowing those people to tell us what to do? That is lunacy. Listen closely, no one wants your endless opinions, debates, and fear mongering. It’s controlling and cultish and abusive.

8. Christians say that other people or ideas are wrong without studying them or knowing anything about them.

This is perhaps why “the world” believes that you are stupid. Take a lesson from Forrest Gump… “stupid is as stupid does”. If you don’t want people to think you are stupid or developmentally delayed, don’t act like it. The Bible says “study to show yourself approved”. If you follow the Bible, then maybe this scripture is applicable to you…

9. Christians get mad, like really man, when other people call them out on their shit.

American Christians, listen closely.... You ARE NOT being persecuted. You deserve every ounce of contempt you are receiving from people. Grow up (put away childish things), have some humility (a biblical concept), admit your wrong (confess your sins), and repent (biblically mandated). And then maybe the people who have been hurt by you can forgive you and be more open to what you have to say to them. When people say they have been hurt by you, the proper, loving, and socially acceptable response is to say, “I’m sorry” and then make it right. This is a mark of true maturity. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s what we do with them that counts to other people.

10. Christians try to convert people without developing relationship with them.

Why would someone buy into anything you say when they only just met you? Why would someone make a MAJOR life decision based on someone they met on the street talking about their religion. I’m sure there are desperate, lonely, confused and hurting people who WILL accept this because their pain is overriding their reason, and Christian evangelists actually capitalize on this (which is exploitive), but any person who is reasonable is only going to make a major life changing decision within the context of long lasting positive relationship. So, if you want people to be open to what you have to say, relate. Not just for a minute. Give a few YEARS a try and then see if you are more successful… I bet you will be.

These are just some of the many reasons I am no longer a Christian… It will take a lifetime to list them all and I’ve listed very few of the many heinous personal experiences I’ve had, but this should be explanation enough…