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This Is The 183,926,009 th Time that God Never Showed Up.

By summerbreeze ~

I'm on here to gripe again ( but it feels so good to vent, venting to rational free-thinking people that is!)

Probably you have read about what bad shape my Husband is in. (100% disabled and a victim of Agent Orange)....well, last month we decided to get away from it all and take a genuine vacation, the first in a long time.

No camping this time, because he can't handle it, just 2 weeks in Motels and Inns. We brought along his big oxygen converter, and he uses his Inogen machine ( the size of a purse ) for when he's out.

We were helped by a lot of nice, and strong people along the way, moving that big thing in and out of Motel rooms.

Three fourths of the way thru our vacation, my husband used our credit card at a gas station and it was denied. He called the card company to find out why, and received the splendid news that someone had been fraudulently using it (since we started) ... we cancelled the card, actually they said we HAD to cancel it, or we would be responsible for further charges... sweet, huh?

Now, I have to tell you that we were in upper Michigan the whole time, but there were charges from California to New York City, thousands of dollars worth. -- these people were having a hell of a lot more fun than I was.

There was even a charge from the observation deck of the Empire State Building!!

(Is there a restaurant up there for crying out loud?)

Obviously there is a countrywide-thieves-credit-card-cartel going on out there.

Maybe you're thinking = "What the hell is wrong with them?" (meaning us), because a few months ago, some guys from India tried to screw us over with that bogus Windows thing. That was done over the computer, and we never gave them our credit card number... Thank God! ... oooops,.. ummm, ... well, you know what I mean.

We are such careful people, about everything, so it seemed like we were going thru an awful lot of stress, when we should have been having fun. And we were beating ourselves up over "how did it happen ?"... "who was the person that stole it?" ... "was it that waitress with the pink and black hair??" ... "that shifty teen-ager at the Fudge Shoppe?"

The rest of the trip was paid for by using our bank debit card, at banks, even when we went up into Canada. What an inconvenience, and the stress that it caused my Husband is immeasurable.

Some 'vacation' for him, huh.

Now, as you know, my Husband is a "true" believer. At the church we attend, people found out, and said things like this: "We have been praying for you since we found out about it'... "The Lord will come through for you !" ... "Just pray and all will go smoothly."

Ha!... I have to pray AFTER the fact? God cuts us, and now he'll give us a bandage?

We are still sorting things out with our credit card company. My Husband is still stressed out about it, and we're still receiving nonsense advice from the church people, and how much God loves us... ahhhh yes, believers see stress as a gift from God... IF you can overcome it, then "god did it" ... if not, well, our ways are not His ways... so stop yer bellyaching, bite the bullet, and pray more for Pete's sake.