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Four Reasons Religion is Awful

By Pearl_Posts ~

So I just wanted to get this off my chest. Everyone I know is religion and wouldn't approve of my opinions. I wish they could read this...

Let's start off with the war. Over religion, people have died. The loss of one life may not seem like a lot. But it's surely enough for people to realize what they're doing.

Next, the money. People have wasted their own money for "offerings". These go to the spreading of warlike ideologies. So some people are literally paying for an idea that has CAUSED DEATH.

Oh, and the fact that religion is totally insane. Please, I'd like to hear the reasoning behind the zombie-Jesus that saved you by committing suicide because some naked lady ate a magical fruit. And why do people think that a magical being in the sky is controlling us all? If I understand correctly, this magical being can control our thoughts. So... If he wants people to worship him, why doesn't he just magically mind control us? Huh? Not so powerful after all.

Last, the cruelty. Parents are teaching their kids that their thoughts are not their own. That we are all at the mercy of an angry all-powerful lord who can destroy us with a thought. If I didn't have some common sense, I'd be frightened half to death.

Religion is a sick, gruesome, unhealthy disease. We all (the non-Christisans, which is, I hope, all of the readers) need to rid the world of this plague. We are the cure.