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Presentation Is Important

By John Shores ~

In a recent discussion regarding the assisted suicide of Brittany Maynard, one Christian stated:

Anyone claiming that suicide will end her suffering is making a very strong religious claim. How do they KNOW things will be better after death? Any real Christian knows that dying without salvation in Jesus means an eternity in Hell.

This christian woman has started from a perspective that is predicated on some pretty awful ideas.

I want to talk to Christians here for a moment. If you are in agreement with the idea that Brittany Maynard or Robin Williams or any other person who chooses to end their own life is headed to Hell, I have a couple questions for you.

Why do you feel the need to say so?

Obviously the dead cannot benefit from your statements. The biggest impact that your words can have is to torment the hearts of those have lost someone dear to them. This is like rushing to an innocent bystander who received a bullet wound from a drive-by shooting and then punching them in the face.

Do you really have so little humanity in you as to invoke eternal torment on someone who simply couldn't take the suffering any longer or who refused to go through a tortuous death? Must you stomp upon the hearts of friends and family members who are experiencing the horrors of grief?

That you could even suggest such a thing speaks volumes about your own character and complete lack of morals.

Have you stopped to think about the advertisement?

Just from a marketing standpoint, doesn't this advertise your true belief that God is a complete bastard?

There is not a single human being who is even remotely decent in character and morals that would consign someone to Hell for anything, let alone for being successful in ending their suffering.

Now, I agree that the idea of Hell is in fact consistent with the character traits of the god described in the Bible. But aren't most sermons and apologetics books born of the necessity to try to convince people that despite the evidence this god is really a good person?

You really aren't doing god any favors by telling the truth about your god.

I mean, after a life of torment that was ended in suicide your god is going to torment them forevermore might be what this god is actually about, but if you go around actually saying that, then reasonable people are likely to just be horrified and disgusted rather than wanting to join your religion.