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The fields are ready but the workers are few -- the urgent need to witness against organized religion

By Unborn Again Christian ~

Soon after my de-conversion from Christianity, I was very enthusiastic and zealous to spread my newfound knowledge to those around me. The first few people I got in touch with were secular friends from college who had always tried to get me to reconsider my fundamentalist Christianity. These were the people who had stood by me despite my firm stand on the bible and the gospel. One of my friends, delighted with my de-conversion, said that he always believed I had a thinking brain in me and has thought that it was only a matter of time before I abandoned my faith. I responded saying that I knew something was fishy all along. However, I could easily not let go of what I had held on to all my life. He said that the process of letting go is initiated only when you are willing to reconsider everything with an open mind. This is a profound statement. It sounds highly philosophical but has tremendous practical implications. Following this discussion with him I expressed my burning desire to witness to those associated with me. Family, friends from church and others who I thought would benefit from being enlightened. I expected him to support me but instead he tried to dissuade me, the reason being that according to him, faith was something personal and needn’t be snatched away from people. Although I agree with him to a certain extend and support freedom to choice, I am not completely convinced that leaving the issue there would be good. I got all the inspiration I got from events in the news and around me that highlighted the evils of religion. Good people committed to do evil following a divine mandate. Radical islamists blowing themselves up in public and issuing threats, radical Christians protesting against gay rights and abortion, radical Buddhists massacring muslims as an elevated state of xenophobia, etc. were all potent reasons. This was not all. I can still imagine the number of foreskins being piled up every day, the vast numbers of children being sent to Sunday school and being made to repent for their sins with the fear of torture in hell, the ridiculous parents arguing in favour of including the creation myth in science text books, and so on. Who does these things if it weren’t for religion?

Religion, even in its most benign form, is potentially harmful. I confronted many of my so-called nominal Christian friends when they refused to admit that subtle forms of religiosity could be harmful. One of my Greek orthodox Christian friends said that she didn’t follow the bible literally. Her beliefs, as she listed them, were simple- I believe in a creator, he created me and loves me and cares for me, I should treat others nicely, condemn no one, and live happily. Sounds fine? Wait it gets better. Then I asked her what her views on homosexuality were? She said that she was fine with them being around and would not say anything to offend them. So I took it a step further, I asked her what she would do if she was out with her daughter and saw two males kissing each other. She said she would be very uncomfortable and leave the place. I said- is it because you don’t agree with public displays of affection? She said yes. But then I said-you kiss your husband in public, is that ok? She said-yes men and women kissing each other is fine, but men and men kissing each other is not normal. I confronted her again saying- you just said to me a while ago that you had no issues with homosexuals, why do you show double standards now? She said- I am not against them, but I believe that this is not how it should be. I said-but there is enough evidence to support homosexuality as a genetic determination. She said- yes I know that but I still think that is not how it should be. She went on to say- if it is freely allowed, everyone would want to be homosexual, and I would not want my child to grow up in an environment which influences her behavior. I said- her environment would not change her sexual preferences, and what gave you the idea that two men cannot be together? She said- that’s how god intended it to be. Bingo! It’s that asshole again.

They spent a major part of their lives preaching the gospel, and getting to know now that what they did all this time was nonsense would harm them mentally.Incidents like these simply motivated me to reach out to more people. I tried my parents in the process. They said no amount of evidence would shake their faith and any attempt at making them see the logical flaws in the bible would be futile. I took that at face value and did not pursue them any longer. This was largely due to the fact that they spent a major part of their lives preaching the gospel, and getting to know now that what they did all this time was nonsense would harm them mentally. So I just let it go. But I got in touch with young people from church. During one of our discussions, I asked one of them- why do you think god created diseases and let them spread? I was shocked to hear the response I got. He said- god does not want us to smoke and have sex with multiple partners, therefore he created cancer and aids. Absolutely ridiculous logic stemming from complete ignorance! Why is this so? Because these people not only lack proper education (not just stuff they learn in school but wisdom and common sense) but they also hold on to the stupid book. Religion cannot be benign. It rears its ugly head when it is time to vote, legislate, make decisions, discuss rights, teach and raise children, bash silly traditions, and improve health care. A restricted world view has already been etched onto the minds of people, predominantly by culture which is almost by default based in religion.

Science has progressed drastically during the past few decades and has contributed enormously to the good of humanity. It is absolutely ridiculous that it has to be defended against religions and restricted minds. I believe that most of the readers on this forum are non-believers. We have seen the light. And we cannot keep this realization to ourselves. The more carefree we are, the more determined they will be to take over the world. We have to fight it while we can by encourage those around us to think, and broaden their minds.

Matthew 28:18-20- Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

The believers have been commissioned to fish for men. We have to put an end to this fishing before we get caught against our will.

Good luck and happy "witnessing."