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10 commandments for the 21st century

By Unborn Again Christian ~

1. It is impossible to disprove god. However, it is not possible to prove the existence of god either. So keep your beliefs to yourself and be happy in your own bubble.

2. Do not force your beliefs on others nor condemn anyone for not being like you. Show mutual respect. Do not harm anyone physically or mentally.

3. Do not force religion on kids. Expose them to the wide array of knowledge available and let them decide for themselves what they want to believe when they grow up.

4. Homosexuality is not a choice. There is enough evidence to support it. And even if it were a choice, it is not your business to interfere in someone else’s life. If a homosexual, transgender or bisexual person is living his or her own life peacefully without bothering you, you make it a point to not bother, judge or condemn them.

5. Circumcision, except for medical reasons, is bullshit. Do not mutilate the genitals of children without their permission. The same goes with piercing the ears of babies. Let them do what they want to themselves when they are old enough.

6. Do not mix politics with religion and do not use, or support those who use, religion to legislate. Argue against the tax exemption of religious institutions.

7. Have the courage to admit that religion is completely a matter of faith. Do not mix religion with science. Both of them arose hundreds of years apart and are mutually exclusive, no matter how sentimentally you argue.

8. Promote equality in marriage. Do not succumb to social pressure or stick to silly ancient traditions. Both men and women should have equal rights.

9. Morality comes from within. Those values which benefit the progress of humanity are instinctive. Do not force religious bullshit as morality on the masses.

10. Live in peace. Be patient, kind and cheerful. There is no evidence of a previous life just like there is none for an afterlife. This life is everything you can be sure of. So make the most of it. Make sure you are remembered for the good you did.