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Believe Nothing

  By Tyler ~

Luckily, I was not born into a religious family! However, I was born into a family that lived around religious Catholics and Jews. Oh no!

When going to school with people who were primarily Jewish, I was ridiculed all the time and heard their silly jokes to each other, which I never understood. They were all well dressed, totally materialistic and did not make sense to the rest of us who did not grow up with their religion. One actually came to my house, stole something and tried to put the blame on me. Then we called his mother. She tried to blame it on us too!

Same thing happened to my sister: false accusations. I think they secretly think everything belongs to them, much like their Catholic and Christian enemy/brothers.

Anyway, I eventually went to a community school with a Roman Catholicism class. Uh Oh! I was sitting in the first seat in front of the teacher and he immediately looks at me and tells me, "Come out of her my people." I did not say a word but looked down and thought, "He must think I am religious." He begins telling me that I am a murderer. Then he accuses me of being a Jew. Knowing full well that I was not one, he begins to explain that my family came from Spain.

Number 1, I am not Spanish. I have record of where my family is from. It's not Spain. And my last name is common in the land where I came from. Far far away from Spain.

Anyway, He then says that the Christians who came over on the Mayflower receive money from the Catholic Church now for free. Then, he asks if I want to work for him. Then, he says Benjamin Franklin was a murderer. "You like Benjamin Franklin, right?" Mind you, throughout all of this time that he was making these comments I did not answer or talk to him. It just poured out of his mouth. Then he gossips about Queen Elizabeth saying she had lovers. I'm still wondering what is this man talking about? Then he rambles on about "metrosexuals" and how he likes them.

Listen folks, stay far far away from any religion. Jesus was a nut and so are the people that believe or disbelieve. The whole thing, throw it away.

A problem we are encountering is the majority of Catholics in the representative powers. I thought this was a land of all people. Where are the other representatives of other cultures and religions? America? The land of the free? Where people of different religions and beliefs are subject to Old Testament laws, Catholics, Jews as well as a lying government that is granted the authority to lie and spread religious propaganda through the government? Don't believe everything you hear about other countries. They drum up lies to make people feel "lucky" about their Catholic, Jewish and Christian slavery! Look up the Bruderofs.. That should speak for itself.

Be free, live, have sex and make mini-mes in the name of Buddha wan Chinobi or whatever god YOU make up!