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Christianity is not the answer

By James Wilhelm ~

For so many people life is significantly stressful. Many problems we have are because of how we were brought up. Most were never shown how to handle the problems life gives us. The result is we respond in ways not good for us and not in our interest. We all do it to some degree. If only were given the guidance we needed when we were growing up. Most of us needed to be shown how to be stable - how to react appropriately to things when we were children and young adults. The result is we bring trouble on ourselves without even recognizing it.

Have you ever noticed the bad choices so many Christians make? Even with God on their side? Churches are full of people praying to God for solutions to self-inflected problems. They would be better served by learning how to make better choices and decisions than pushing a belief in something as tenuous as religion.

When you know things are not working out and you look to God for help – I’ve rarely met a religious person that admits the bible and Christianity might have not have all the answers. And the more religion they have – the more unwilling they are to be flexible enough to recognize this. They self-righteously play mind games with people that are really struggling. Trying to fit your life into events that were supposed to have happened 2000+ years ago doesn’t work well. And then when it doesn’t - you blame yourself – with the help of fellow Christian brothers and sisters – for not being good enough - or you didn’t “fast” enough – or you have “secret” sin in your life and on and on. Christianity promises to be the cure – and then gives you a cancer in place of the cure.

Christianity promises to be the cure – and then gives you a cancer in place of the cure.And then you have the remaining guilt to deal with. To me, learning to accept yourself and others with all our imperfections - accept where you are in life and recognizing that with all your bad habits, problems and mistakes you are still part of life. Still part of humanity – and still deserve to be safe – and can still change for the better. Christianity does not give many people that satisfaction. It only gives them more burdens and problems. And this is where it fails miserably.

I’ve learned that life isn’t black and white – it’s mostly different shades of gray. But Christianity is all about black and white. There are absolutes – like we need to get along with others. We need to love people close to us. We need to recognize when we are selfish and greedy. We need to be civil with other people. We need to obey the law. Most people, including Christians, can’t even do that.

Mix that with the Biblical absolutes that we are compelled to believe and people get hurt.

Praise the Lord!