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Praise the Lord for Black Holes!

By Webmdave ~

If you've been watching the news, you know that astronomers have revealed the first-ever "image" of the black hole at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy, 55 million light-years away.

Thinking this image and the ensuing conversations about the age of universe, etc. might've thrown a monkey wrench into the confirmation bias of some Christians, I decided to trawl the Internet for evidence of initial Christian reaction to this tremendous scientific revelation. Below are a few examples of what I found:

A black hole is a perfect example of something we’ve believed in even though we cannot see it or touch it. -- The Jesuit Review
It is a reminder of the amazing complexity of the universe that God created. The fact that black holes exist and that we cannot see inside them because no light escapes, reminds us there will always be mystery in God’s creation – and in God himself. -- Eternity News
I was fascinated by the first photograph of a black hole. No, I don't understand the physics but it spoke to me about the grandeur of the universe and in doing so strengthened my belief that the universe is made and governed by an almighty God. -- Christian Today
Heavenly Father, Your creation is wonderful to behold. Thank You for letting us see a portion of Your work in the heavenlies. -- Intercessors for America

I was reminded that a recent (2017) Gallup poll showed a marked decline in the number of Americans still clinging to anti-scientific beliefs:
  • 38% say God created man in present form, lowest in 35 years
  • Same percentage say humans evolved, but God guided the process
  • Less-educated Americans more likely to believe in creationism
From the Gallup poll: 

It appears to me that although there is some small decline in faith based anti-intellectualism, there is still a sadly high level of superstition held by the American population.

With so many unable to differentiate scientific reality from religious fantasy in their thought processes, it's no wonder we experience so many social ills and so much societal chaos. It makes me wonder if we should mistrust the logical abilities of those who faithfully cling to Christian, or any religion's, mythology.

What's your opinion?