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What is Faith?

By Carl S ~

Faith is agreeing to believe what others around you also agree to believe.

Faith means not asking the questions others around you don't want you to ask.

Faith means not thinking because others around you tacitly don't approve of thinking.

Faith means you and others have found support for your prejudices.

Faith means not making fun of the ridiculous nonsense in holy books because those around you take them seriously.

Faith is a method by which a common man may feel himself superior to other common men.

Faith is a fear ignorance may not be bliss after all.

Faith has many bizarre beliefs that contradict one another, thus should not be taken seriously.

Faith is proudly supporting your (faith) team even if its members lie or rape children.

Faith is nurtured by indifference that comes from not caring to know what is true.

Faith means going into the courtroom with hearsay for “evidence.”

Faith is looking at a billion-piece jigsaw puzzle of evolution and denying the picture because a few of the pieces are missing.

Faith is intellectual laziness passing itself off as wisdom.

Faith alone tells you you're hopeless without faith.

Faith means using several thousand year old law books to judge and to punish your private twenty-first century thoughts and feelings.

Faith means ignoring uncomfortable evidence.

Faith tells you you're “steadfast in faith;" when you're only being bullheaded.

Faith is dread fear / you have been warned / of a jolt / that will come / if you touch the fence / around the faith / tied together by lies / which live in the church / that hope built.

Faith means never having to explain.

Faith means being “played with” by an invisible cat named God, while telling yourself you're better off in, than out of, his grasp.

Faith is the hope you will not end up in Hell, while living with the uncertainty you just might.