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Christianity as a fairy tale

By Michael Runyan ~

Sometimes the best way to assess the credibility of a story is to distill its elements down and present it in the customary fashion of a fairy tale. This washes away the veneer of authenticity that is provided by the inclusion of multitudinous details. So, for Christianity, its condensed version might sound something like this:

A virgin woman who never had sex nevertheless became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. This boy grew up to be a man who was at the same time the creator of the entire universe. The man walked on water and talked to demons who obeyed his commands. He could change water into wine and heal any affliction. The man was killed, but he came back to life. Then he flew up into outer space and was never seen again.

What part of this does not sound like a fairy tale? What part of this story reflects any semblance of the world that present-day people inhabit? If you had told this story to any person who had not been previously exposed to it, what would have been their initial impression? It seems obvious that the only reason that two billion people believe this story is that their brains were conditioned to accept its truth at a time before they had acquired critical thinking skills. Christianity is a fairy tale that survives by riding a wave crest of juvenile indoctrination.