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What if you're RIGHT?

By Michael Runyan ~

In 2006, Richard Dawkins gave a talk at Liberty University when a young woman asked him the question, ‘what if you’re wrong?’. His answer has been enshrined in the atheist Hall of Fame, and is shown in this clip:

However, there is another way this question could have been answered, as follows:
 “What if I’m wrong, well anybody could be wrong, but what I think you are really asking is what if I am wrong and you are right, eliminating the possibility that we are both wrong.  So let’s go with that.  Christianity is correct and spells out the authentic doctrine of the living god.
 OK, now let’s suppose you get married and have two children, a son and a daughter. Both become extremely accomplished in their fields of medicine and science, win many awards, have exemplary families, and are loved and respected in their communities and in their churches.  All seems so well.  You and your husband eventually die and go to Heaven.  After a time, you realize that your son and daughter have probably died as well, but you have yet to meet up with them.
 Finally, you ask an angel about them and he says that he will look them up to see what happened.  To your chagrin, he informs you that they are both in Hell.  You are in disbelief and ask how that could have happened.  The angel explains that although they went to church, neither one actually believed in Jesus or accepted him as their personal savior, so they died with their sins unforgiven. Since God cannot allow any sin enter into Heaven, they were sent to Hell.
You ask how long they will be there, and the angel tells you it will be for all eternity. He offers to let you view them through a direct link to Hell.  You see your daughter crying out in pain as she is being lashed by three demons, and your son is wallowing in a tub of hot acid.  You cannot believe what you have seen and protest that this is not fair and that you emphatically demand that your children be rescued and sent to Heaven.  The angel upbraids you by saying you must never criticize God, for everything he says is true, and everything he does is just.
 Further, he instructs you to go to the next 12-hour praise session that will begin shortly, where you must praise God, raise your hands in worship, and declare that God is great, and fair, and just, and deserves unbridled admiration.
 What this vignette shows is the total putrid bankruptcy of the Christian doctrine that you hold dear, and so I respond to your question with a question of my own- WHAT IF YOU’RE RIGHT?”