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Christi and Athea

By Tina Rae Collins ~

My name is Christi. I worship the god Hewhay and have faith in his son Auhsey, my savior. Auhsey loves me and has promised to marry me soon. Since he is royalty, I'll become a princess! Auhsey will bestow upon me amazingly expensive gifts, including a huge mansion. I'll even rule with him over my fellow human beings. What joy that will be! It will especially be nice to have authority over the humans who don't like me (payback time!).

My best friend is Athea. Athea was raised by parents who aren't followers of Hewhay and Auhsey, so Athea can't bring herself to believe in a supernatural being who can see her when she's sleeping, knows when she's awake, and knows when she's been bad or good.

When Auhsey comes for me, he's going to torture Athea. He says he'll put out both her eyes, break her legs so that she can never walk again, and beat her in the head till she has the mind of a two-year-old and will sit around day and night drooling all over herself. She won't be able to sleep, and Auhsey says he'll make sure she can never die so she'll have to suffer forever.

Athea is a good person--the best person I know. She loves everybody and does all she can to help others. I've never heard her say an unkind word about anybody, and she's been my best friend since we were in kindergarten. But I know, because somebody wrote it in a book, that Auhsey is right to inflict great punishment and suffering on my friend Athea. I told her she should believe, so it will be her own fault when Auhsey pounces on her and beats the living daylights out of her.

Does it all make sense to me? Well, no, not really. I mean, truth be told, I cannot imagine a god who would reward my complete and total narcissism! Although I know Auhsey plans to bring down unfathomable pain and misery on my best friend just because she wasn't raised to believe in him and can't accept fantastic stories written by human beings who know no more than she does, I still long for him to come (and quickly!) so I can be rewarded with pleasures. I look forward with great anticipation to watching my friend endure terrible abuse and mistreatment just so I myself can live a life of ease and gratification.

So, yeah, it doesn't SEEM right, but I know it is. I must somehow deserve Auhsey's goodness since I believe in him, while Athea deserves his wrath since she doesn't. So I will praise Auhsey for his vengeance and holy righteousness in torturing my dear Athea because it's what she has merited whether I understand it or not. Auhsey's thoughts are not mine. Obviously I simply can't understand concepts like justice and the difference between right and wrong. But, whew, whatever the reasons, I'm glad it's Athea being punished and me being rewarded!

I'm so excited! (PLEASE come quickly, Auhsey!) I'm going to be a princess! I'll receive amazing gifts! I'll live in a mansion and rule over other people, who will be forced to bow down and grovel to ME! Praise Auhsey! He is awesome because he is good to ME!