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Damn !______I nearly prayed

By summerbreeze ~

Last week my 14-year-old Grandson experienced a ruptured appendix.

The Porcupine Mountains on the Upper Peninsula...
The Porcupine Mountains on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This may have not been a very serious thing, if it had happened in or near his home, but unfortunately it happened 4 miles into the forest at Porcupine Mountains State Park, Upper Peninsula Michigan. My Daughter, Son-In-law and Grandson were backpacking with 50 pound back-packs each,

just starting out on a week long adventure.

It took them hours to get out of the forest once his tremendous pains took over.....carrying him and his 50 pound load, then 2 more hours to the nearest Hospital.

It's funny, but when they planned this trip, I was very concerned about the Bears, Wolves, Mountain Lions, Moose, etc. ....never dreaming that the worst would come to them internally.

Our Daughter called us from the Hospital, my Grandson's temp was 104 and his stomach was filled with infection. He was extremely ill. The bottom of our world fell out. ( he is my Daughter's only child ) My Husband started to pray fervently, I told him I wanted to be alone outside.

I thought and thought....I had a VERY strong compulsion to put my hands together and pray, but I didn't.

I had a VERY strong compulsion to put my hands together and pray, but I didn't.I just couldn't......I felt like it would be a giant lie against my very own self.

Instead I closed my eyes and saw a vision of my Grandson on his Hospital bed, and I "projected" a green "aura" all around him....I concentrated on this with all my might. I believe that Buddhists think of this as a part of 'mindfullness'.

I'm not saying that my Grandson's recovery was due to anything that I did....I give full and complete credit to the Surgeon and all the Medical workers there.

In the end, I have given a lot of thought about Richard Dawkin's list ( one thru seven in "The God Delusion" ) of the various degrees of belief on down to total non-belief. I always thought that I was a number seven, but perhaps with that instant feeling I experienced, the need for prayer... I might be a six !

Isn't it funny how a health crisis instantly shoots us backwards to that primitive, primordial need to beg for help from a power we deem more powerful than ourselves ?