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Gaps in beliefs

By Stillunsure ~

Church… the Taco Bell of hungry people.

The larger the gap is between your expectations and your reality, the larger the seedbed is for bitterness and resentment.

So, if you can't change your reality (drugs work at that temporarily…) then change your expectations.

...change my expectations...?,…you mean the ones that Jesus told me to expect...? You mean all the expectations Christianity said you could rely on because God doesn't lie? Like - ask and you shall receive? Like, those that put their trust in him shall never be disappointed (ashamed) Romans 10:11...?

Are you talking those expectations? Because well appears the bible is a made up book of random shit and real life proves it's nothing but bullocks (those are balls)…

Or, God can't seem to do two things...override man's free will or do miracles when people don’t believe he can. (Mathew 13:58) “yeah, so much for sovereignty, looks like Simon Cowell’s grandfather was at “Judea has talent” back then as well.

Apparently God is pretty powerful...unless you don’t believe in him - then he's as helpless as a Midianite virgin about be penetrated by our friends - the people of God. ((Numbers 31:17-18)--"Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately. 18"But all the girls who have not known man intimately, spare for yourselves."

Let's add up the score for the people who like keeping track of things. God hates women who've fucked before...but not the ones who haven't. He's all powerful unless you use stuff made from iron, or doubt his authority...then he's like -"no way man, that shit's for real, just ask the 12 unemployed guys I met"

I'm sorry, but God is sounding like an insecure middle-eastern "man" with every sentence. Now, middle-eastern men are just like every other man except for one important detail...some of us EVOLVED.

Now I realize vulgar language is offensive and I apologize if you can't see past that to get the point. But my next question is what are so offended at use of the words, or the fact that it's "God's will" or that, is written more "acceptably" by the idiots who want you to believe it.

Gee...I wonder why Christians are so upset by Muslim theology. Same guy. Same Agenda, just different initials.
Christians tend to like large sounding words and terms, especially if they sound Greek. Not so much the Hebrew though, those being Jewish and all. But Greek…Oi, they love that shit. So, πιστεύω σκύλα – that’s Greek for “believe bitch…

The theme of the bible is hate – not love. It’s about war and planting the flag of Yahweh. Nowhere in the bible will you find “and Abraham made love to Sarah and raised their son to love their neighbors…” No, it’s “dammit to hell Sarah, you got two weeks to get pregnant or I’m fucking the maid…you pregnant yet?

Then, once the little guy is born and gets old enough; it’s conquer them Isaac, kill them all, and keep nailing their virgins until they speak Yiddish. Sorry…I mean, “go forth and occupy Cannaan.”

But Unsurestill, aren't you just bitter and making a mockery of everything you've learned about the bible.

(…uh, yes, yes I am) But, being bitter is just the beginning. I have much more ambitious plans.

The theme of the bible is hate – not love. It’s about war and planting the flag of Yahweh.Think back to when someone hurt you that you trusted. They had your total and complete trust. Devotion in fact. You defended them even when you knew they were wrong. But you did it because you loved them and never wanted to see them suffer, because you’d suffer too if they did.

Now fast forward to the day that person turned on you. They made you the target of all their crimes and openly humiliated you for being so stupid and gullible. And when you dropped to your knees and pleaded with them… all they did was mocked you in your most vulnerable moments and accused you of being needy and “not worth the effort.”

I plan on kicking in the fucking doors to where that son-of-a-bitch lives and dragging his lying, deceitful ass out into the open and showing everyone what a piece of shit he is. Church doors don’t have locks strong enough to stop then truth from getting in, and don’t have people strong enough to stop it from getting out.

If you’re a believing Christian you are not the problem, I have no issue with you, in fact we were all one of you at one time. I think you have a lot of potential and you are considered a friend…well worth investing the truth into.

However, if you refuse the truth, and want to vainly defend your stand against all logic and reasoning, then good luck with that. You are the majority of Christians that know 20% of the bible and only read less than 10% of it. Keep listening to you pastor (paid liar)…he’d never steer you wrong.

Sorry, I mean just do what you do in every other part of your life when it comes to the bible. If your employer said: “do this and I’ll pay you on Friday for it”…and you did it. What are you going to do on Friday when your employer says: Sorry mate, but you didn't believe me enough when I said I’d do it, so keep doing it until you “really” believe?”

Would you show back up on Monday for work at that pricks’ business?

Then why do you keep showing up at church on Sunday? You’re not stupid…you’re just deceived, and there’s a difference.