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Shame on you, GOD!

By ijustwanttobeyourfriend! ~

What would you think of a father who could help his child as he/she is drowning but just watches and does nothing? What would you think of a father who watched his son/daughter get raped, tortured, and murdered, and have all the ability to to intervene, but instead just watches and cries and says, "I love you, I'm sorry"?

father and son
father and son (Photo credit: disgustipado)
God is "Our Father" and he can help all these people. He's extremely wealthy, extremely strong, and all-knowing, yet refuses to even answer my simple questions for instruction on what to do with my life and who to trust.

All I'm asking is that he would direct me and give me some instruction. I dont want it to come from a book. I want it to come from a Father/Mother/God.

God gives us free will? He doesn't want robots? If he guides me and answers some questions and simply tells that child "don't get in the car with that serial killer", that is not a violation of free will. That would put me at ease.

Ted Bundy and other serial killers would create a cast around their arm or leg or pretend to be injured. Find a kind soul that would get them to help with whatever and get in the car and they would be taken out in the middle of nowhere to be humiliated, tortured, raped, terrorized, and murdered.

If God loves those victims he could have simply told them, "this man doesnt need help, he's a con artist". An act of kindness and charity cost these people their lives!!

Serial Victims were often the kindest and sweetest people. People that would get into the vehicle of some "poor injured person" and be transported wherever to help him move whatever...and that is what they get?!? A humiliating inhumane death, no burial, abuse of a corpse,...all for an act of kindness?

A father who just watches and cries and doesn't speak up? Not a responsible father at all!