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By Tom ~

Believe (Photo credit: uglyagnes)
I Deeply Believe in God. I have worked on the human body for many years. The Engineering behind this remarkable being is unbelievable. Have you had any questions about why we eat. Who designed that we need to eat to get nutrients. Why we Love. Why dont we live like animals and just kill everything. why is there convective tissue to protect joints why do we have a heart to pump blood why do we breathe to get oxygen and not carbon dioxide. why do we have muscles that move our joints why do we have cartilage tendons and ligaments.

Have you ever wonder why our body works the way that it does. Do you really think that it just happened and there was no brilliance behind its engineering.

Come on and think. Our bodies did not just do this on its own. Remember we are made of particles.But there is something that gives our particles an agenda to do what they are meant to do. God, life etc......