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Ho Ho Oh No It Ain't So

By Carl S ~

It's that time of year when people hear the story of a star traveling right above Earth, leading men to a structure, where it stops and hangs around for hours! ( Global Positioning Star, or Ancient UFO?)

The reason for the Christmas story is said to be of utmost importance: It's claimed (no witnesses), the first humans did something naughty by following the advice of a Talking Snake! This “evil” was enough to punish the entire human race, forever. In order to pay the penalty for it, the child born on the first Christmas had to be tortured to death for three hours! This gory “solution” is preached as the greatest example of love! If you're willing to accept this package: would you believe all animals on Earth, predators and prey, could live peacefully packed together, on a boat, for over a hundred days? Would you believe only a few people on Earth worth saving were the ones standing by watching their friends and neighbors drown? What about five loaves of bread feeding five thousand men alone? Would you believe four thousand, with seven loaves? What if they're really big loaves?

Would you believe that, for children, faith is just another habit to learn, together with how to eat, just as they trustfully accept histories of family and ancestors, (which may or not be true), and learn cultured habits, right along with their potty training? Isn't trust just another survival mechanism? “Don't ask why” is the answer they get when they question a learned habit. These are all called, “tradition.” When one grows up, shouldn't one shelve or abort the impregnated fantasies? Not everyone does.

Most people don't take scriptural stories extremely seriously, and those who do often cause trouble. (Ask the witnesses to 9/11 and the Parisians who were there for reactions to the cartoon of Mohammed.) Allah/God, has no sense of humor. Comedians and cartoonists find a ton of examples to laugh at in alleged “holy” texts. Blasphemy is the laughter of free people with freedom to speak their minds and tell it like it is. If you don't think this is true, just look at the places where it's a crime, where you can even be executed for not pretending to believe.

When one grows up, shouldn't one shelve or abort the impregnated fantasies? Religious stories sound familiar, like something you'd find in Qanon and other conspiracy and alternate-reality sites. They all have millions of followers. Seems like the last time an abundance of technology went amok was in the Roaring Twenties, when “Anything Goes.” Now new bible printings will have to include the Prosperity Gospel. I don't know what your experiences are, trying to discuss beliefs, but whenever I ask for evidence to back them up, I get an angry, “It's The Truth!”or, “Just believe it.” Hmm,, same problem trying to have conversations with people of faith or cult members. Asking for proof is rejected, over their emotional intensity of being privileged insiders to secret worlds.

Nothing new, here. As far back as the 2nd century C.E., the Christian apologist Tertullian, wrote: “It is impossible for a man to return from death; therefore it must be true.” Investigate the multitude of bizarre things believed as “truth” on this planet, and you might be tempted to ask yourself Why should nonsense be respected when it's earned the opposite of respect? It's no mystery: What every single conspiracy theory/alternative reality, shares in common with cults and religions: they all require an initial “ leap of faith,” and to keep that feeling leaping. This desire makes every one of them “True.”

So here we are at yuletide in the 21st century, expecting rational judgements from Supreme Court justices entrusted to make decisions based on evidence alone, not faith, not opinion, not hearsay. Let's hope they have doubts about dogmas, because six of those justices belong to a faith which professes, despite all evidence to the contrary, that crackers are the living body of a man who died two thousand years ago. For a start, let's hope they don't take that one too seriously.