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Fundamental Religion is Abuse, Period

By MTC ~

Fundamental religious upbringings are toxic and unhealthy. Even if the kids appear to be fed, clothed, and cared for, the indoctrination, sheltering, and other negative aspects which are prevalent in such households are abusive in their own way, period.

Example: James and Stacy McDonald. James is a pastor, Stacy is an author (one of her books is titled "Raising a Maiden of Virtue," or something along that line). I'll list a couple of their links below. Both of these kooks have the mindset that the father/husband is always right in the family (yeah, what could possibly go wrong there?), a woman can only be a homemaker and feminism has destroyed families, and other similar garbage. They're also homeschool parents. Conservative Christian and homeschool parents... need I say more? I'm not sure about sons, but I know daughters of James and Stacy McDonald (and other similar religious nuts) are practically forbidden to have unsupervised contact with boys. No dating, dances, etc., or it all has to be supervised.

I heard about Stacy McDonald from a former e-mail pal who — despite being a feminist who supports women having rights and being independent and thinks female submission is BS — decided she really likes Stacy "as a whole." (*rolls eyes*)  This former e-mail pal also mentioned Christian authors Jim and Elizabeth George (books include "A Woman After God's Heart," or something similar), who have the same backwards views as the McDonald's, but at the same time the McDonald's make the George's seem liberal. This former e-mail pal thinking female submission is BS and supporting gender equality, yet deciding she really likes Elizabeth George and Stacy McDonald "as a whole," was the major reason I stopped keeping in touch with her. It wasn't an easy decision by any means, but I couldn't ignore the urge any longer. Perhaps that urge was my intuition?

The McDonald's, George's, and other fundamental Christians, even if they aren't violent and threatening others, or physically and/or sexually abusing their kids, still deserve the criticism they get. That being said, who's to say the McDonald kids HAVEN'T been physically and/or sexually abused? Fundamental Christians do have notoriously high rates of physical and sexual abuse within families, and are notorious for keeping it swept under the rug. 

That being said, even if children raised by such goons aren't abused physically and/or sexually, and are given basic care like food and clothes, the indoctrination, sheltering, denying kids from experiencing things which are normal parts of growing up, and teaching daughters that they can only be homemakers (which is ultimately setting them up for failure) and are below males, are all toxic, unhealthy, and their own forms of abuse, period!

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