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How Shallow They Are

By James Wilhelm ~

Superficial Christianity works best. The deeper you go - the more damaging and destructive it becomes - and the more mentally unstable a person gets. And the Bible implores us to go deeper and even chastises us if we are only superficial Christians.

Take the case of the parents that opt to withhold medical help from their child. The child dies. This happens frequently. In virtually all cases you can’t fault their theology. They took the bible at its word – doing what it implores. Living by faith - and it destroyed them as well as their offspring. Were they more theologically superficial and secretly took their kid to a doctor - they could still be going to church with their child – praising the Lord - laying guilt on non-believers and believers alike to have more faith.

Christianity’s endless mind loops are the problem. You do what it says. Things go wrong because you did what it said. The loop starts. Things get real complicated - real fast. More loops start. And if you don’t do what the bible says - because your intellect tells you something is wrong - the loops start in a different but equally destructive direction.

If you have deep personal struggles – Christianity just gave you a few more to deal with. The guilt, the sadness, the questioning, the confusion and especially your fellow believers - all work in concert to destroy you for Jesus' sake.

Christianity saved me from that sadness - and then gave me greater problems to deal with. It took me years to stop the downward spiral.That happened to me. I've had deep sadness all my life. Not a choice I made. It was made for me. Christianity saved me from that sadness - and then gave me greater problems to deal with. It took me years to stop the downward spiral. And to be honest - I still deal with the mind loops. But I’ll go to hell with them - than go to heaven without them. Praise the Lord.

Not to be crude – but coming to the point of saying fuck you to Jesus Christ, Christianity, Christian people and all religion - did I finally get some peace and start to move forward. Having this attitude is very puzzling to people I come in contact with. I usually don’t outwardly express this unless it’s appropriate at the time.

As a gentle, thoughtful non-believer now - I’ve had people that don’t know me say that one day I will bow down, acknowledge Jesus as Lord and ask him to forgive my “sins”. Inwardly I laugh at them – because this ain't gonna happen. How shallow they are. I have more to share on this. But will stop here.