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Grow Up

By Lilith Lite ~

Ex-Christians, you're so sensitive! Guests come on site, push the right buttons, and you grab the bait! (Are they also ex-Christians? I wonder.) How many of you are there, really? Ten? Fifteen at the most? You're more involved with Christianity than any Christians I know. They don't give a shit for thinking. You piss them off when you confuse them with “facts, truth, reasoning and evidence.” They wanna live forever and they're terrified of hell. Those guest objectors want to be left alone to enjoy their drug of choice and messing with the rights of others. They want their children to be just like them.

Are you any different? Yes you are. Religions, like drug addictions, alcoholism, habitual gambling, and pedophilia, are addictions, and you're busy shaking yours. Many former believers are still in rehab. There are no rewards established for recoverers from religious addiction, but there ought to be. I imagine staying drug free in the midst of religious addicts must require courage and determination. The “crisis of faith” you’ve heard about is nothing more than struggles to rid oneself of a powerful addiction. The habitual use of faith is destructive mentally and emotionally, especially when it delivers feelings one cannot get from other pleasures. It's a cocaine for someone who can't afford cocaine.

This addiction has a very long, mostly unchallenged, history. Governments may speak of a national “drug epidemic,” while failing to recognize their religious epidemics. One reason for this is, religions have always waged wars against their competition. They want to be the sole addiction. Whether individual or mass addiction, religions need their pushers who are exempt from government drug control. There are, in fact, lawmakers who are users themselves. Religious addicts can't see their own addiction any more than alcoholics can acknowledge having a problem. (Whenever I get a letter or greeting card using bible quotes, the word “bless,” or thanks to God, I know it's from an addict. The addict uses every special occasion to deliver a sermon.)

Christianity is like the mosquito. It's been around for centuries, and for the most part it's persistently annoying. But you have to be aware it may infect you, for it carries within it a disease that brings its own brand of insanity. Other diseases it carries have caused unnecessary suffering and death. What are you fighting against, anyhow? What a tradition that religion has! Killing all those non- and ex-Christians, was it worth it? Oh sure, short-term solutions, but what was accomplished in the long run? Have they ever proved what they claim is true? NO. Did that one religion, THAT wacko, gawd-awful mess, triumph? No. All that suffering and killing was for nothing. Humanity progresses in spite of religions.

Religionists have a problem with “authentic and synthetic.” For example, an authentic sound comes from a piano. A synthesizer sound comes from a man-made manipulation of electronics imitating that sound. I am authentic self, as are you. Jesus Christ redeemer is a synthetic creation of Paul of Tarsus and others. And then there's the authentic “natural” and synthetic “supernatural” Synthetics are invented and combined ingredients such as fantasies, ideas, or material products. They succeed. Only too often, caricatures like Christ and Satan become much more important than authentic human beings.

For many, growing up is hard to doWho hasn't seen the original “Dumbo” movie? Who didn't feel sad when Dumbo's mother was taken from him? Dumbo is an animated series of drawings! Where some members of the audience might shed tears when Dumbo was separated from his mother, the same people have no problem watching actual children being separated from their parents, at the cost of their being traumatized for the rest of their lives.

What the hell good are prayers for the dead, and weeping over the death of a synthetic Christ? It's insane. “Dumbo” reflects Christian belief: a non-involvement, where absolute good archetypes triumph over absolute evil archetypes, and in the end, the good ones live “happily ever after.” That's not reality. That's Christian escapism from reality, along with those tear-jerker movies for those who want to feel like they're participating in the sufferings of human victims.

After mass murders come reminders of the Nazi Nuremberg night rallies, when thousands of candles are lighted. They're very powerful emotional rituals; with or without the impotent prayers. The parasite clergy, like vultures, always show up to feed off the misery. They preach their synthetic Christ's sufferings are vastly more meaningful than the agonies all authentic human beings suffer! And like the Nazi faithful, there are Christians with a Nazi maudlin sentimentality, where it's combined with cruelty.

For many, growing up is hard to do; “the faithful” are prime examples of this. It's time for “true” (?) believers to grow up. And may the bowels of Jesus Christ (Philippians Ch. 1, v. 8), rain down his blessings upon his chosen ones. Amen.