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HELL under the Microscope

By Shaolin ~

I don’t believe in hell. After studying the Bible thoroughly on the concept of hell and discovering that it has no consistent, cohesive description of this “place”, I concluded for myself with a high degree of certainty that it doesn’t exist. It saddens me that so many people, including atheists, are tormented daily by the very idea, thinking “what if?”

So let’s suppose there is such a thing. Then there are questions that need to be asked:

1. What is it? Is it “outer darkness”? What is the outer darkness? Is it space? Is it a fiery pit under the earth? Is it a fiery pit in outer darkness (which makes no sense whatsoever)? Is it a physical place? Or is it a “spiritual” place of torment beyond time and space? One would think the imaginary God would think enough of us to explain this shit.

The hell concept has more holes in it than the streets of Chicago.2. What happens there? Do people just burn forever? For what intelligent reason? What burns? The “soul”? If there is a soul, how does the soul burn if the soul is immaterial? Does the body burn? The gospel of Matthew indicates that God can destroy both soul and body in hell. This so-called destruction of the physical body implies a physical place where it is destroyed, doesn’t it? So where is this physical place.......with this physical fire? How does one “destroy” the soul? Even more, how is it possible for the body to be destroyed in a place called hell, when we all know the human body at death (meaning void of life) is either buried and gradually decomposes in the ground, or is creamated to ashes? Then God destroys hell? Wait........what?

3. If hell exists, who is actually sent there? Look carefully at what the scriptures say. It is not even clear on that. And the Old Testament is completely silent on it.

The hell concept has more holes in it than the streets of Chicago. When a Christian tries to push it in your face, consider asking them these questions. Chances are they will not be able to give a coherent answer. Their only answer will likely be, “God chose not to tell us everything for our own good.” Then that god is a jackass because he is really insulting our intelligence.