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Again and again and again

By Carl S ~

They prayed their child would be safe, protected by their god.

But the child was kidnapped.

They went on television and pleaded.

Millions prayed the child would be found, unharmed.

With hope in prayers they searched everywhere.

She had been raped and killed.

And again they prayed her rapist-murderer would be found.

But they didn't wait for their god to do this for them.

Human beings searched and did this.

And at the funeral and gravesite, as the world watched, again they prayed to and praised the protector god
who failed them again and again and again.

And all the people said ...



In the house of a shepherd who brings one through the shadow of death and cradles the babe from its first breath, they praised and raised with prayers so strong in hope to shake a heaven's gate, petitioning their protector god.

But suddenly, the faithful fell like rain, bullets replaced the promised peace he said the world cannot give.

Stunned survivors went on TV -- tried to explain or understand, in vain, such soul-wrenching pain.

To twist the mind -- accommodating a god's contradictions -- this is no way to live.

Politicians played the same old game: a nation turned away from the protector god, had itself to blame.

Then millions watched, but did not think to learn one day... what lessons in these deaths do weigh, as at the graves, again survivors praised and petitioned their protector god who did not prevent... whose helping hand was never raised.

And every time the faithful trustful pray
in all his churches, by the way,
would you believe, as right as rain,
every one of them still say
again, again and again....