Tsunami begs us to make sense of the senseless

Who is God?

stop spreading Satan's lies

Connecticut Woman Says Jesus Is In Her Door

all that have left Christinanity were never truely born again

Debate of a Lifetime

Living The Lie

And to all a good night...


Intellectual Honesty


Answers in all the wrong places

Essay on Christmas

I was a pastor

Holy toast! Second Coming witnessed ... on a crumpet

you were NEVER ever a Christian

Faith is Fake

My eyes were opened. I saw the light. The Truth set me Free!

The Cursed Woman

Renouncing False Gods

Recovering Christian

Christianity Is Dangerous I Should Know

Spirit Of Christmas

Jesus is Everywhere

UNSAVED and Happy

Games Christians Play

From nerd-dom to freedom

What's Love Got To Do With It?

The Awakened Mind

The Study-to-show-thyself-approved Challenge

What's All the Fuss?

Waking up

Silently Breaking Away

Honest With Myself At Last

How To Escape Religion Guilt Free

Something I'd Like to Share

Wicca - A path to personal truth

I think I'm done w/Christianity

Wife Swap!

Fundamental Dysfunctions

Me & My "Christian" Family

When I was honest, truly honest, it was clearly a lie


Biblical Inconsistencies

Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes

Thank you, Davinci Code, A Brief History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson), and The Origin of Satan (Elaine Pagels)

A Personal Commentary on the Presidential Election

25 Years of Turmoil

How Heathenism Set One Christian Free

Forty Years of Oppression

Deprogrammed, At Last

Where do I begin?

Is there anything I can do?

How Does an Ex-Christian Vote?

The Critias fragment

It sucked

This is my testimony, not another lecture. I promise

Becoming Alive Again

I continued to believe until I became disgusted

Seeing the Light

Away with a god invented by preachers...

Jason Gastrich vs Dan Barker

I am Jesus

A Poem

I can only imagine...

I'm a Chosen One; I chose to leave

Are you 100% sure?

How to lose your religion...

A different view of God

So many choices of religion makes the whole "holier than thou" mentality of Christians absolutely arrogant

Christian upbringing's the name, indoctrination's the game

I just could not believe anymore lies

Time to Say Yes to Life

A Good Christian University

Out of the clear blue sky

In Memory of Brian

My Story of Becoming a Person

America’s Protestant majority is fading, University of Chicago research shows


Life is a lie

No Jesus for You!!

The Sign of the Cross

Ideas Have Consequences

Rude and Unprofessional

An illustrated Guide to religious and philosophical architecture

The Truth Is Forbidden

Still Struggling


Free at Last

Live Debate

Death of an atheist

Add-ons - the contradictory peripheral extensions to core doctrine


When you find youself in a hole, stop digging

Charismatic complications

How Religion Almost Ruined My Life

I love Jesus (and Athena, and Ishtar, and Cerridwen, and Pan...)

Religion ruined my child hood, it almost set me back in life

Humanism Posters

Only in America!

Thanks for reading.

My personal Exodus

Why I Don't Buy the Resurrection Story (2000)

From Christian to Pagan to Christian and back to Pagan again

Happy Fourth Everyone!

My Rise to Christianity and Transcendence From It

STOP In The Name of God...You Have The Right to Remain Christian

Nineteen Eighty-Four; Big Brother and Jehovah

The Gospel Quiz in French

Heretic Heart

The lies the Catholic church fed me

This needs a caption...

Abstinence is the only true perversion

ExChristian Meet Up!

Where the rollercoaster ends

Trust in God and it will work itself out


Lee Strobel IS the GOSPEL!!!

Story of De-Conversion

Tired of Feeling Guilty

Still Struggling

God Hates You!

My Myth

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