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Why do demons only come out of people by the name of Jesus?

From sgcotton ~

This is my main question. Everything about not following the Christian faith makes sense. It feels like I am so close to being free of life-long self-condemnation but I need to know this. If Jesus is not God why is it that you can find tons and tons of information and videos of people who are possessed by demons being delivered by the name of Jesus. Why must they obey the name of Jesus? Why are they afraid of the power of Jesus?

This is a real question. Do your research before you answer because just telling me that Jesus or demons don't exist is not what I am looking for. I want to know why Jesus has power if He is not real.

Also, I have had some other experiences. 1)During a prayer session of about an hour of just giving myself to God in prayer, I walked away with fine gold looking dust all over my skin and shirt. True story.
2)My son had a serious skin rash that would not go away for weeks it persisted, hard bumps on his hand and arm...2 doctor visits, cream that didnt work. Finally my dad and I prayed with my son and within 24 hrs the bumps were gone. His hand looked brand new. We prayed in Jesus name.

Well that is it for now. Your factual answers would be appreciated.