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Trouble in Christianland?

By Danimal (aka Aspieguy) ~

I was looking for one of my favorite radio stations tonight (92.3 WTTS, Indianapolis) when I found a Moody Radio station. They were advertising a book. The name escapes me, but it had something to do with god being disappointed in his followers. Intriguing. Apparently, god is disappointed with them for coming to Jesus with unrealistic expectations. They expect things from Jesus that he never promised. Therefore, God grants them, "The grace of disappointment," whatever the hell that is.
Christians praying in Goma, DR of Congo.
Christians praying in Goma, DR of Congo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, this is the man who told his followers they could throw mountains into the sea, that he would return very soon, and that his followers would do even greater works than he did. It appears that asking Jesus to heal grandma's gout or clearing my acne is asking entirely too much.

I think there is trouble in Christianland. Christians are starting to question why their beloved Jesus isn't answering their prayers. Never fear, the apologists are here:
You are obviously praying for all the wrong things. Jesus couldn't possibly answer those prayers. He really wants you to be disappointed. That's the gracious thing to do.

Dear Christians, will you ever learn that you can't have a close relationship with a cosmic super-being who is always right and you are always wrong? How long will you maintain the fiction that a god is always listening to you and is answering your desperate prayers?

Dear Christians, perhaps the atheists are far freer than you -- enslaved as you are to a vicious god -- will ever be.