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Why Male?

By Carl S ~

The Day after the terrorist attacks in Paris, a spokesman for Islamic Americans said that Islam is “a religion of tolerance.” These words were spoken by someone who chooses to ignore the fact that, after an Islamic extremist attack, the perpetrators shout out, “God is great!” (Where did they learn that phrase from? Oh yes, at least five times a day, every day, from the time they are children.)

The following morning, in Saudi Arabia, a blogger was flogged 50 times for degrading Islam. That same evening, Al-Jazeera America did a feature about a male singer-songwriter in Iran who was about to depart the country and had his visa revoked. “Tolerance?” In protest, several women got on the internet or Facebook or whatever, and in a group, and individually, sang one of his songs. Wonderful! Thousands of hits. But there's a problem with this: you see, in Iran, it's against the law for a woman to sing. It's based on the fear that a woman's voice will lead men into sin. This is only one law based on that belief; it seems that anything publicly feminine is forbidden to them, else why would women have to be covered in tents? This begs the question: Why aren't men in non-Islamic countries roiling in fornication and adultery at exposures to so much cleavage, bare legs, even pornography, and so much other female flesh, and so many women singers?

If there's anything to make me angry, it's prejudice against women. The source of greatest prejudice and deprivation of their rights has its origin and perpetuation through male dominated faiths. The biblical deity is a misogynist. We have writings from early Xian Church fathers speaking out on the “evil” nature of women. (Did those men resent the fact that women were necessary to make babies? I'm inclined to think so.)

Gods are supposed to be spirits, yet they are gender-based fertile for religions, which is why many of them were goddesses. This fertility explanation is the primary foundation of the Judaic/ Christian/ Islamic religions, where the god is male. As such, this god has a penis. (Wizened Sage once wrote, “Does God Have Parts?” citing bible passages in support of a yes answer.) So, this one god has a penis, or as the argument goes about religion's beginning, was a penis, and creates, seeding everything. And this is where the trouble begins for women. One reason for this is the belief of primitive peoples that the male, as made in the image of this one god, carried the entire infant in his body, and therefore, the female was only the garden plot in which his seed was planted and grew. Therefore, males rule, bitch!

It follows that the male-only baby maker superstition is the chief message of scriptural texts. Consider the virgins taken as rewards for genocide, the spoils of war. As pagans, they were considered pure planting grounds for a pure Israelite baby to come. The same applies to virgins impregnated by the “sons of God,” as described in Genesis before the Flood, and Mary, the mother of Jesus. Ignorance, total ignorance, about how babies are made. But without perpetuating ignorance, religion can't thrive.

Only half of every human organism is male, the other half is female; you can't make a baby without female chromosomes. (Although some organisms can reproduce through parthenogenesis, meaning “reproduction in which an unfertilized egg develops into a new female individual.” A case for a female god if there ever was one - males can't do that. Perhaps this Male God creation is “jealous” of a Parthenogenesis Goddess.) Monotheistic religions still insist on male superiority, in spite of the fact that their male god and all males may jack off forever and still can't make a baby without the females.

The biblical deity is a misogynist.So, now we have this one indivisible, unstoppable, out-of-control, over-testosteroned male who destroys everyone and everything that displeases him, as an example for all males, created in his image by them of course, to emulate. He okays destruction of property and lives, even demands it in his name. And, despite religion's efforts to re-brand this god as a loving father, there is no evidence that the natural world is any different than it has always been.

Christian focus on the “family values” are only paternalistic-dominated ones, in which a wife must obey her husband, not those in which a woman is the head of household. After all, it is the male, like God, who has the penis. Isn't this the same “rationalization” in Judaism and Islam?

Evidently, this jealous god, in Islamic countries alone, doesn't trust men to be self-controlled. It is why their women have to be controlled, covered up, kept quiet, lest men give in to their wiles, their Siren voices, tempting their naturally uncontrollable lusts into disobeying him. Yeah, Allah doesn't know men very well.

Perhaps the domineering monotheist “God,” created by men, is merely a projection of their own fears of sexual vulnerability to the down-to-earth sensuality of women? Astoundingly, men and even women will even kill to preserve this traditional god. Women buy into it? Surely, unknowingly, they are their own worst enemies! Are they all fearful of divine and human punishment in “letting go?” Sadly, the Almighty Penis rapes them all.

Now more than ever, we have the power to change things by changing things for women. This is why we must fully support educational and reproduction empowerment for all girls/women everywhere in the world. In doing so, we will not only bring about freedom of their human rights, but freedom for all genders to truly be themselves and express themselves ever more fully.

In every country where this male and female expression exists as rights, everyone, men, women, and children, profits without the domination of religions. Religion might not go away, but that kind of religion must fade and recede into the ignorance from which it originated. Castrate this god. Let's make it happen.