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Holy Hustle! & Unholy Bible

By Ward Ricker ~

The Holy Bible as you have never read it before.

I wish to let you know about two new books that I just published that I think you'll be interested in.

Holy Hustle! A Bible Parody Containing all 66 books of both the Old and the New Hustles is a (I hope) hilarious romp through the whole Bible, making fun of its stories, teachings, etc. Although it is intended to be fun and entertaining, it is also, I believe, educational, pointing out the contradictions, insanity, immorality, and horrors of the Bible.

Read a sample of Holy Hustle!.

The entire book is available on Amazon!

The other book, Unholy Bible: The Unholy and Unreal Parts of the Bible, is a free book. It started out as a listing of all the contradictions that I found as I was writing the parody, but I have expanded it to include the Bible contradictions that I have been able to find from other sources, as well as the Bible passages that show its violence, horror, immorality,

It is free for anyone to download at my website,, along with information about all my books. If you prefer the ebook version you can purchase it for 99 cents at Amazon.

Thank you for your efforts to promote reason and understanding and take back our society from the religious establishment that would love to impose their religious beliefs on all of us.

I hope that you will find my books to be useful as well as entertaining.