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More powerful than god?

By cj ~

God as we know is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Even though the hairs on our head are numbered and everything happens according to gods plan or intelligent design, are we more powerful than him?

But how awful it must have been for the millions of people who were born with birth defects, (by god's design), such as bad eyesight or hearing before man invented reading glasses and hearing aides. People of past generations needed good eyesight and hearing to watch for predators and look for food, if they didn't have good senses, then they were killed or starved to death, and they call this intelligent design? And as we get older, we lose our close up vision and without man-made glasses, we can't make a living or even cook meals. Thankfully, man cured 'gods perfect plan' by making glasses, hearing aides, etc.

How about the bad design of mental health issues or seizures that god allowed innocent babies to be born with? Superstitious primitive people said they we filled with demons or women and children were devil possessed and tortured and killed as witches. How is that for a fair and just god ?

But along came science and reason and discovered the causes of these biological issues and made medicines to help the people survive and thrive. And reason and intelligence stopped the belief in witchcraft and witch trials.

I remember watching a race with a double amputee who was born with a birth defects where he had to have both legs removed. Was that design and planned by the god of the bible? I'm not sure if the racer was religious or prayed to be cured or not. But he wasn't cured by any god, he was racing on man-made legs, designed, tested and made by scientists, researchers and machines made by man.

Do you think god likes it when we foil his grand designs? Why doesn't prayer or god cure amputees?

How about infertile couples who can't conceive for some reason? God might have a reason for not giving them a baby, even if they pray their hearts out. But we outsmarted him and now we have In vitro fertilization procedures where babies are conceived and healthy babies born to ecstatic couples! Must make god really mad - no wonder he sends tsunamis to get us!

Even premature babies that would have died just decades ago are now surviving and god has nothing to do with it, it's all excellent medical care and medicines that are enabling babies to survive, without it, god would allow that baby to die. And babies and children did die young from smallpox, chicken pox, high fevers and diarrhea in our recent past, now scientists, researchers and doctors have found the germs, bacteria and virus that cause it and cures for these things. Gods plan isn't working out so well for him, we keep getting smarter.

And when god gets mad, he sends floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and fires to make us pay, but with better building codes, emergency preparedness, Doppler radar and better building materials, he can't destroy as much as he'd like to. Remember the Tower of Babel in the bible where god destroys a tower than man is building to get to heaven? Well we now have airplanes and spaceships that fly higher than ever, right into and through heaven! He really must be ticked off by now!

No one can say the surgeons hand (or researcher, scientists or whoever) was guided by god's hands because they might be an atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Scientologist, or any other faith. Madame Curie was an atheist. Why would our Christian god work any miracles through them?

No, I believe we are more powerful than any made up deity. It is science, research, caring and compassion that is making strides in the difficulties of the world. Gods plan for us just don't make sense if he counts every hair on our heads and we can just go to the Men's Hair Club and get them all replaced after he makes them all fall out!


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