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No God, No Morality?

By Simplex Munditiis ~

Firstly let us ignore the laughable irony and hypocrisy of being told that a loving and let's not forget, omniscient God that would curse the entire human race for two peoples' mistake, then later kill most of that race, amongst a myriad of, shall we say, 'morally questionable' events such as the raping of virgins, is somehow the fount of all morality.

The State of MoralityImage by Bart van Damme via Flickr
China. Egypt. India. The Incan Empire. The Aztec Empire. The Native American tribes. The Inuits. The African tribes. What is one thing all these societies have in common? They all have laws and rules against murder and theft amongst others. None of those societies developed these laws after Christianity spread to their lands, they had these laws for centuries before. Surely these heathens that do not know God and all his morality would have no laws banning what, by some odd coincidence, is also banned by the Ten Commandments? God is not the fountain of all morality. Morality stems from our sapience as well as our primal nature born from when we were still animals swinging from the trees. We recognize that killing someone for no reason is wrong, that it harms the entire group/tribe/society. We recognize that if someone has something, then we have no right to snatch it from them. Our morality is not a divinely-commanded set of rules, the base of our morality is simply 'don't do something that will harm the group', such as killing a member of the group. Later when society developed we refined these basic rules, and built upon them as technology and science evolved. If our morality came from God, then surely God would act to preserve his morality? Surely we cannot go against the morality of a supreme Creator? And yet we can, and daily people do. And anyway, should we really trust the laws and morals of our race to a Dude In The Sky and his Book and religion which are all chock-full of divinely condoned;

Genocide; I needn't call up the Flood here. And there is also all the various peoples the Israelites were commanded by God to go out and kill.

Bribery; Hey, if you join this religion, you can go to a magical place where all your dreams come true, we call it Heaven!

Blackmail; But, if you don't do as we say you won't go to Heaven, and instead you'll go to a horrible torturous place we call Hell.

Rape; God was very clear in his instructions to the Israelites to go kill the men of various local peoples and take the virgins as wives.

Who is the more moral group, those that hold up their little book that condones the above based on the fact that in that book it just happens to state that it's for the greater good; or the group that rejects this book, and instead chooses the morality that is based upon not harming others? Torture; Hell obviously. And also Job, I mean, isn't it simply loving to torture someone who has done nothing and kill of his family all because of a bet?

Incest; According to the Good Book, the entire human race is the product of incest! Not once, with Adam and Eve, but twice; with Noah! And that's not including the rest, such as Lot and his daughters. And every animal is also the product of incest, thanks to Noah and the Flood once more.

Child abuse and murder; Now you might say sending bears to maul small children is completely callous, vile and cruel, but hey, its God, we can't argue against him, he's far too loving. And of course, there's all the children drowned in the flood, killed in Sodom and Gomorrah (let's not pretend the entire two cities were just full of depraved gay men, that's laughable), and of course, all the Egyptian first-borns.

Slavery; Fully condoned and supported by the Bible and God, which even makes sure to tell slaves to enjoy their slavery.

Homophobia; The current debate in California shows just this. God really hates them gays.

Animal cruelty; Even Jesus himself joined in, driving pigs to drown themselves because despite being God incarnate, he just didn't seem omnipotent enough to just make the demons vanish.

Sexism; Remember kids, Adam was formed first, and then Eve, so women are inferior and can do nothing without men, and certainly must not speak against a man.

Cruelty; God really does have quite the vicious streak, from cursing an entire species because of two people's mistakes, to trying to kill people for not being circumcised, to killing almost everyone because of a hissy-fit, to refusing to let his own specially-chosen people go free, just so he can plague Egypt a bit more and kill a few more people.

There's much, much more, which for the sakes of brevity and sanity I shall avoid for now. But really I ask you, who is the more moral group, those that hold up their little book that condones the above based on the fact that in that book it just happens to state that it's for the greater good; or the group that rejects this book, and instead chooses the morality that is based upon not harming others?

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