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Interview with (former Christian) Susan, pt. 1

By Harmonic Atheist ~

Today I spoke with Susan, a friend whom I have known for over 30 years. We met in kindergarten, and remained good friends for many years as we attended Christian school together, where part of our indoctrination occurred. We were also heavily involved in Bible quizzing, when we memorized hundreds of verses.

We discussed Susan's deconversion from Christianity, including the ways that the Christian worldview--especially the fundamentalist Christian one--hurts and emotionally scars people who grow up in it. We talked about the cracks that appear early in life, which are painful to work through, but which ultimately help people to think more rationally, to realize that Christianity is mythology and that the Christian god is not actually real, and to truly begin to live their lives for the first time.

We have lots more to share! Stay tuned for part 2, coming shortly.

Thanks to Susan for her vulnerability, realness, wisdom, sensitivity, and love for life.