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Christianity's Practical Obsessiveness with Victimhood

By Carl S ~

Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap. While you're debating and analyzing scriptures, debating and refuting dogmas, and continually expounding on how and why you have been deceived and exploited by Christianity, you need to wake up to this fact: these are all distractions. They are the whirlpool the religion wants you to be sucked into, where you will be fighting the current. You may consider yourself free, but you serve that master if you are occupied doing these things. Look behind the curtain, and see what's really going on. While apologists, the courts and chambers occupied by those elected by the religious right, and the humanists, progressives, and atheists fight it out using reason and unreason, human rights are being threatened at every level by politically organized and theoretically-determined Christianity. In most cases, they have won and are winning thanks to those who do not vote.

A church near home is the only one with a giant wood cross facing the highway. Many's the time I've thought of tossing red paint on that cross, representing blood. But then I thought I might be arrested for defacing private property, or condemned for insulting a faith. Now, I don't understand why anyone could object, because, let's face it, that's what the cross is there for: to remind everyone who sees it of one man's torturous and bloody death. It really is something that should be saturated in blood.

A bloody cross is THE symbol of Christianity, and no other religion. This, with its particular victim, is the root and foundation of Christianity's attitude, indeed world-view. From its beginning, Christianity is obsessed with its Victim. Then it went on to grossly exaggerate the numbers of its victim-martyrs. Yes, Christianity loves victims – but not in a healthy way. You would think after achieving dominance in politics and the cessation of mass crucifixions under the Roman emperors, Christianity would become the religion of peace and universal toleration it claimed its leaders brought to mankind. But no; the insatiable appetite for victims resumed, with its persecutions and executions of heretics and dissidents to the dogmas it set up.

One mind-set behind establishing an institution which gives adoration to a Victim follows from the personality of that Victim: He will get his ultimate revenge, meting out eternal torture to those who condemned him. He will see that those who don't accept him will be victims of the same fate. Beneath Christianity's cultivated veneer of a Loving Savior lies a reality: he is the Avenging Judge of the Last Judgement. Faithfully, the true believers copy Christ’s judgement and blame the victim. The victim is responsible for whatever happens to him or her. Even Christ goaded others to crucify him. This has been Christ's policy for Christianity from the start.

The Christian religion claims to be persecuted, victimized, whenever it cannot have preferential treatment over other beliefs, cannot dominate public pronouncements, or establish its presence and dogmas in public schools.But the religion decided it wouldn't wait for him to judge. It wanted victims now. On to the inventions of tools for the mind-boggling experiments of torture apparatus and inventive ways to burn, skin alive, draw and quarter, etc., women as witches. Then more victims. Continue to the inquisitions, where condemned dissidents were called heretics and blasphemers to the Christian faith and became victims, martyrs not for, but contrary to, the faith. Truly, we see the triumph of the will of unfettered faith. It works as long as there are victims. Every totalitarian government has copied the example of Christianity for its own ends. Every one of them has an insatiable appetite for victims.

Wherever Christianity gains control, there will be victims. Whenever Christianity is given unquestioned trust with children, with gullible indigenous peoples, there will be victims. This religion takes their victimhood in stride, even when publicly condemning it. Where there are no victims, it creates them, often employing shame, guilt and condemnation. It has no heart when it victimizes innocents by enforcing guilt in them for having simple human needs for sexual intimacy and satisfaction, masturbation, birth control decisions, and the rights for self-determination and opposition to its “God's” authority through free thinking. These are some of the reasons why it's dangerous.

More precisely, it is Christianity's claim to victimhood that makes it so dangerous. While it has made victims of those who disagree with it, it still insists it is being attacked. It takes the stance of victimhood whenever it cannot practice prejudice unimpeded. The Christian religion claims to be persecuted, victimized, whenever it cannot have preferential treatment over other beliefs, cannot dominate public pronouncements, or establish its presence and dogmas in public schools. Many Christians elected men who will dump the Affordable Care Act, as a result of which millions of people will be deprived of health care, and many will die as a result of that decision. Then they themselves are in danger of being the victims.

Devoted “Victim Mentality Christians” live with irrational fears saturated in ignorance. Thus they are determined to make victims of LGBT human beings, in the name of their “Victim-God.” Paranoid victim-mentality Christians are being exploited by wealthy clerics and politicians who use these victimhood fears for their own ends. They take the money from these victims and use it for power to create laws against gay rights, women's rights, end of life decisions, and for their own domination. If you don't vote, you give them, by default, the vote against you.

Ironically, these same victim-mentality Christians are themselves victims, not from the opposers of Christianity, but from exploitation by their own leaders. If they ever find themselves in need of abortion access, sexual education, women’s health care, the options for their end-of-life care, or self-determination of how they will end their final hours - in other words, heir basic human rights - and have them denied, they will be the victims as well as those who don't agree with them.

Christianity has racked up quite a record of creating victims. At base, all of them are the result of its tradition of subjugation and denying human rights. The Cross is a symbol of death and persecution to anyone who opposes it. Therefore we need to oppose it to survive and live together as human beings with equal rights. In opposition to this religion, we must defend this only life we have and be determined to make it the best we can for all of us. We might have been victims before, but those days must now be ended. We must adamantly assert to these bastards and liars for Jesus: You've exercised your power over our lives for too long, and we don't need or want you. We've grown up, become mature. Take your arrogant attitudes, behave, go into the closet yourselves, and stop acting like you're the victims, you bullies. We stand together as human
beings, and we will not be victims again. Now, that's life-affirming.