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What a Waste

By Carl S ~

I'll never back off from saying that churchgoers, “are only telling each other stuff.” I once told a man in his church's parking lot, “You don't really believe a man standing here can float right up into the sky, do you?” But the one thought sticking to me like a burr, means more than any other: “Life is too important to be wasted on religion.”

You'd think that's ridiculous, coming from me, one who has written on religion both here and in letters to the editor, for years. Have I been wasting my time and energy, better spent on just about any other activities, esp. pleasurable ones? Maybe. Do “true believers” have problems wasting their lives on their beliefs? Or are they only exercising their imaginations in mental masturbations? It's like wasting bottles at a shooting range in innocent fun.

I may offend and anger believers. I criticize, disrespect, and mock their beliefs, but I've never incited or encouraged them to torture, deprive another of human rights, properties and freedom to be themselves, or inflict harm on any other in any way. Can you say the same for so many followers of holy scriptures? The “good book” is a manual to commit good and evil. So, why waste time in trying to analyze tar-baby texts, written by primitive or mentally ill ignoramuses?

Religions appear to be invented for waste: wasting time in prayers, wasting the money one earns to support bullshitters, wasting childhood by imposing indoctrination belief in fantasy beings, with so many of those “good ones” examples of the worst of evil. Childhoods are wasted whenever children are taught to obey religious “authorities” to the point of becoming victims of fellatio and rape. Wasted innocent lives result when delusions wage war against reality.

Faith has no grounds for respectThink of centuries spent in time, sweat, the money and misery spent building cathedrals, abbeys, temples, etc., while the populace lived and died in poverty and serfdom. Those efforts and monies should have been spent making their lives better. How many of those “sacred” buildings now lie in ruins, abandoned by their gods and worshippers! Was it fun or entertainment, watching animals being ritually slaughtered by the thousands at a time, for a god or gods? What of the innocent tortured and killed as “witches, heretics, infidels?” What a waste. Was it worth it Jesus, or didn't you see that coming? Millions of emaciated and tortured bodies stack up. The God of the Christians was more powerful than that of the Jews. But the god was the same bloodthirsty role model for both, and did nothing to stop this. Blind beliefs drove and accomplished the Holocaust, beliefs in racism. Faith in a mass murderer, a God or a fuhrer, has consequences. What a waste they both created.

If you investigate all the faiths, all the things humans believe and have believed throughout this world, you're going to conclude: faith has no grounds for respect. Look at the millions of bizzare and unreasonable shit people seriously believe, have believed, the utter nonsense all of them take seriously- even to the point of slaughter. You're really watching macabre comedy. The “holy” examples they extoll are deluded clowns. They're the celebrities of a madhouse run by agents leading seriously deluded flocks. Sacred beliefs are follies of human imagination. If people want to waste their time and lives on them, go ahead, we say: but don't enforce them on the rest of us. We have our own lives and imaginations to create conditions for the betterment of the here, now, and future.

Naturally good and sensitive individuals waste their energies torturing their consciences with thoughts and fears impregnated in their minds by pushers of an all-judgmental god. Lives are wasted in following “his prophets,” in beliefs which deprive others of rights, because, “Those who believe otherwise are enemies?” The gods demand we waste what precious time we have to live, on them.