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Suppose There's No God? Live. Love. Laugh

By Carl S. ~

Since there's no evidence for a God, gods or goddesses, the supposing will go on ad infinitum. Why go any further, why bother to? All theologies are “systems of opinions;” real explanations are needed for why things are the way they are. These we have in abundance. Should we care about explanations for how and why people just “know” God is talking to them, telling them what his will is for them? Just because “they” say they sincerely believe something, that doesn't make it true. So we swim out, freed from the religious equivalent of a huge oceanic ball of frenzied fish, and think and think. We look with opened eyes at the evidence in the Universe, we start adding it up, and it all makes sense: no God.

“God” as an all-important concept, primarily lives in the patterns of a malfunctioning or drug-distorted brain. Rituals for this God are obsessive-compulsive; often repeating behavioral patterns of the insane. It's claimed God lives in a “spiritual” realm. There’s no proof of it. “Spiritual” often refers to an emotional state of mind, interpreted to be an alternative realm. This presents a problem: “spiritual” people are in danger of being taken in and used/abused, by “spiritual guides.” Without believing in a God, we are safe from that web. We can be sane, at ease, and go on with living. We look around us and see the majority of humans are doing the same. All those worn-out “explanations” for God only led to more what-ifs and don't make sense. One thing education teaches us is what's been learned from the mistakes of others. Religious “education,” on the other hand, teaches us to keep making the mistakes of others.

Without the “spiritual” there is no religious faith. Without “it,” no cults would sprout, driven by stand-ins for God or gods, who enforce what they claim are “spiritual revelations” given to them by a deity. Without “spirituality,” cults/religions could not begin - every single one - with very pleasant feelings, assurances, and an overwhelming sense of belonging. Without faith in faith, they couldn't drive members deeply into commitment, demanding loyalty, obedience, above and beyond sanity and morality. Suppose “spiritual” meant placebo, emotional cotton candy? There would be no idealized “love” for God and neighbor demanded by religions, a love unsustainable and leading to personal and social emotional conflicts. Without God, suppose there's no such mind control.

I have a personal relationship with God. Both he and I know he's a jerk.Without “God,” there would be no: God is Great. God is watching you. God has a plan for you. God is in control. God does not give you more than you can handle. The family that prays together stays together. God says abortion is killing babies. (Though, in nature, billions of unborn organisms perish every day.) Whatever you ask for in Jesus' name will be given to you. Greater works than Jesus has done will you do. Nothing succeeds like prayer. Let go and let God. And let us not forget the familiar lure of: You too can have, as I have, a personal relationship with God. None of these claims holds water. Sans God, there would be no men of God using God, determined to force their wills down our throats, in his name. (btw: I have a personal relationship with God. Both he and I know he's a jerk.)

What's the value of faith when we know about the crazy explanations of reality from many different cultures, each one believing very seriously in those explanations? For examples, we have the beliefs in the Hindu polytheistic gods, Maori deities, the Aztec and Greek fabrications, Native American spirit- beliefs, and countless others. When so many different cultures believe very sincerely in abundantly different interpretations of reality - if that is what is meant by faith - why should we give faith any more respect than we give to a troubled mind's superstitions? There should be no faith in faith, knowing these things. Generally speaking, faith is believing what another tells you, in what “they” say is true. But suppose faith isn't true? Suppose it's all made up? Of course it is.