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Humans out-communicate God

By Michael Runyan ~

Within the past few decades, human technology has advanced to the point where a message can be delivered to well over half of the earth’s population in a matter of seconds. The message can arrive without any alterations or interpolations, pristinely accurate to the author’s original creation. Although, there can be arguments about the intent or meaning of the message, the exact text is not in dispute.

By contrast, when God decided to send a message to mankind, his revelation was limited to an area less than 1% of the earth’s surface area and to less than 1% of the earth’s population. Over time, the message was adulterated by thousands of inadvertent and purposeful changes resulting from human interference.

When we contrast the two scenarios, it is amazing to see how humans have reached a point where they can out-perform the messaging capability of the Christian god. Some skeptics have questioned why God has not used the internet to deliver an updated message to mankind- to clear up the numerous divisions and differences in theological beliefs. I don't know, perhaps he is embarrassed at being upstaged?