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God is Sin

By FoundationOfUnity ~

Greetings. I hope each of us can help others reach the level of life experience they deserve as humans and will earn through hard work toward their goals. I speak to myself as well. I am a scientific life coach so goals are central to my work. I was once a pastor in the Assemblies of God, Nationally Appointed Home Missions Chaplain, and Director of a spiritual care Department in a larger New York State Hospice. I was a pastor to the master and thought it was just his servants running things on earth that was the problem. Instead, it was the master himself. I really can't blame god, he just doesn't exist so...such futility only hurts me by dissipating my energy. And what energy it requires to either blame him or tame him. He is on sickening virus of the mind.

From the charismatic, tongues speaking, fasting, praying preaching eating meditating life in leading a community of people lobotomized by god it become clear that there was or must be another way. My real saving grace had nothing at all to do with a blood soaked book club or post that fueled a blood soaked grounds among nations for the next 20 centuries. It had nothing to do with a god who does not exist in any meaningful way that some other less magical fantasy could not easily fulfill. My grace that saved myself was desire for the best for humanity regardless of any other factor, even regardless of god and regardless of Jesus. It was also for the best for me.

While I did come from a rather emotionally barren experience growing up, and while I was fully aware of this lack, I and my new wife ran into Jesus people. For the first time I met people with a global vision of peace and power and an answer. Jesus. The world had problems because of sin and sinful behavior. Yep! I agreed. Lots of murdering warriors (Vietnam), lying politicians, and violence everywhere along with laws that just seemed out of control. Teachers had only reading writing and arithmetic but no real understanding of life. Now, they told me Jesus knew everything, the bible was absolutely true in every way, and to cap it off…I was the problem.

Ah, turning the tables and both barrels on me. I admitted I wanted to be better and have a great life. “Well, there you go…sinner.” They said…”on your knees.” Eventually I capitulated. I had entry to the cult of Christian faith. Twenty-four years, two children, an ordination, and top experience, it was solidly clear, I’d been had by others who “had been had.”

My kids are grown but still trapped. They do enjoy it. My former wife told me once she is no longer religious. Good for her! Freedom is lovely and freedom requires reality, not fantasy god-ball. What follows is the result of continued education and search for real reconciliation. It follows advanced degrees from top universities in business (MBA), politics (MILR), human development (MA) and human and organizational systems (PhD). Let’s start.

God is sin. Let it sink in. How do I know this is true? I know this by the definition of sin and its relationship to god. Without god, sin could not exist for sin is the transgression of god’s law. No god means there is no god’s law. Since there is no law of god, there can be no sin. Crime is not sin and crime does exist. Crime is the transgression of human law but crime is not sin. Sin is crime in such a level that only god is strong enough to kill, maim, hate and eradicate it. Thankfully, neither god nor sin exist.

Sin is crime in such a level that only god is strong enough to kill, maim, hate and eradicate it. Thankfully, neither god nor sin exist.Many crimes are also sins because god copied human law and natural law. God takes all natural things and claims all of them for his supremacist ego. Crime is man’s law. How laws are enforced are different in different cultures. Criminal law is a work in progress and nations without god law are more humane, loving, and successful than those with sin or god-based law. To god, this truth is blasphemy. Not only is god sin but god's truth is blasphemy to humanity.

Sin is the evil of god. With sin, god works horrendous and hideous mayhem in any group that adopts this concept. The threat of death and destruction brings fear and paranoia into any group. Fear and paranoia causes hysteria and hateful acts toward those who transgress god-law. Not only are transgressor judged, shunned, economically harmed, and eventually killed or exiled, they must also live lives of hiding and lying to survive. All because of a god who does not exist and has never done any of the things the bible claims.

This god who created sin is the worst of leaders and most un American or un-free leader possible in terms of law. God is immoral and that I will explain in another, perhaps the next, post. This god, now referred to as “clod” whenever possible, is the judge of sin, the jury of the sinner and the executioner. Clod brings hell and sometimes, immediate punishment. No one on earth need put up with clod’s immoral and destructive personality. Clod is a liar, a murderer, a thief, and quite insane. But clod, like a child beating drunken parent, begs for children to stay under his roof because clod loves us. All we are asked for repeatedly are strict obedience and offerings in addition to 10% of our income.

I do pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, not united by god and not with liberty and justice for all because of god.