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Driven & Distracted – Meditations On The Journey Home

An Ex-Christian Poem Made on the Commute Home

By Jonny Wanabi ~

Oh me, oh my,let’s reach out and touch the sky

Let’s do the hard work to make things happen

And do it with some joy and fingers tapping

I mean toes tapping

Yeah, there may be some clouds on the horizon

But you might get fear in your heart

If you give in to fearful surmising

In line with all the other local folks

But this is real life, it ain’t a hoax

This trip is enjoyable, I like it a lot

I like it even more when I realise that

This life is all I got

Turning left on this road of life

Overcoming my fear of pointy things

Like a pen or a knife

Making the most of the moment

With subliminal joy in my heart

My short life is a canvas

With some squigglies you call art

Going straight, trying to

Keep between the lines

And making hay while

The sunshines

Though often times I romanticise

And glorify the lives of the heroes

As when they rise up from the dust and ashes

Starting out as zeroes

Watch out for head-on traffic

Pay attention to the road

‘Cause you ain’t leap-frogging your problems

Like a big, fat hornytoad

Like a big, fat horny toad

Passing the train and crossing the bridge

Got to ease up a notch

Reduce the tension a smidge

You know, joy comes in the morning, they say

After a night of tears

On the bed in which you lay

But you know, I want joy all daylong

I’d like my mind and heart

Filled with a song

Though I know crossing a river

Includes a toll

And here and there I might

Be called an asshole

But we keep pressing on

Doing our thing

Sometimes with an empty wrist

And sometimes with bling

Following a bus, following a truck

Following the scientific approach


Just getting on with life and doing it

Putting all the ingredients in the batter

And brewing it

‘Cause I got a job to do and I aim

To do it well

‘Cause I don’t believe in

The afterlife, Heaven or Hell

‘Cause Judgment Day is today

Not something in Airy Fairy Land

And the Judge is Cause &Effect

Not some Heavenly Lord or Man